Month: October 2021

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China Builds 5,000-Room Quarantine Center: China’s 5,000-room quarantine center is opened in Guangzhou for oversea arrivals

Many countries have begun opening up for international travelers again, with restrictions depending on nationality and vaccination status. For visitors interested in going to China, they’ll find themselves in Guangzhou’s International Health Station, which opened on Sept. 17 of this year. These rows of grey buildings span an area comparable […]

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Eastern Community Discusses 2022-2027 Strategic Plan: Planning for Eastern University’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan calls for community involvement

With aims of enhancing Eastern University, Eastern leadership members have begun to establish drafts of a strategic plan that echoes faith, reason, and justice. As the construction of Eastern University’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan has gone underway, the Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness hosted virtual focus groups.  The purpose of […]

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Homecoming Club Fair: Homecoming’s Annual Club Fair featured a variety of fundraisers to support you favorite club!

The atmosphere is filled with excitement and energy as you enter the KG Tent. The club fair is active, and everyone is waiting and ready to spread awareness about their club. With fun interactive activities, food, drinks, and engaging fundraisers, there was something for everyone.  If you are a kinesiology […]

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The People’s Champion: Nearly half a century after his untimely death, we owe Roberto Clemente Walker an eternal debt of gratitude for being a towering inspiration to us all.

The evening of Dec. 31, 1972 not only changed the world of Major League Baseball, it would also be the source of inspiration and heartache for generations of baseball players, particularly those born in Latin-American countries. That fateful evening, Roberto Clemente, right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, would lose his […]