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SGA President Xeyah Martin Runs For The 185th District: A look inside Eastern’s Isaiah Martin as a person and an aspiring state representative.

Known for his multiple leadership roles on Eastern University’s campus, Xeyah Martin is in the process of running for state representative in the 185th district of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The district, located in the Delaware and Philadelphia counties, includes the following areas: Philadelphia International Airport, Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, […]

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The People’s Champion: Nearly half a century after his untimely death, we owe Roberto Clemente Walker an eternal debt of gratitude for being a towering inspiration to us all.

The evening of Dec. 31, 1972 not only changed the world of Major League Baseball, it would also be the source of inspiration and heartache for generations of baseball players, particularly those born in Latin-American countries. That fateful evening, Roberto Clemente, right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, would lose his […]


The Failure of Impeachment

On Feb. 5, news networks across the country turned their attention to the trial of President Trump expecting its outcome to be as dramatic a show as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff had built it to be. Instead, the verdict House Democrats witnessed was delivered […]


The Influence of Local Politics: The power of public activism to bring about change lies in the ability and willingness to be politically involved at the local level.

The common trope among young voters, particularly in the United States, is a hesitancy to participate in the electoral process. There are, of course, a plethora of reasons for this tendency, chief among these being the usual “one less vote will not count,” or “one vote will not make a […]


Open House at Eastern: How this event has become one of Jaclyn Favaroso’s favorite days since becoming an Admissions student worker at the beginning of the academic year.

On Feb. 17, Eastern is set to hold one of the many Open Houses that are expected through the Spring semester. These events are held for the purpose of engaging prospective students with the Eastern campus as a way of working toward higher enrollment numbers for the university. In order […]