On the Trails: Exploring the benefits of hiking Hiking is a great way to get some exercise, connect with friends, and be one with nature.
Rootin’ for Everybody Black: Inside the event held by the Black Students League Students showcasing their sense of style at the Rootin' For Everybody Black event.
Open House at Eastern: How this event has become one of Jaclyn Favaroso’s favorite days since becoming an Admissions student worker at the beginning of the academic year. Prospective students can tour campus and get a glimpse into college life at the Open House events!
Remembering a Legend: The life and influence of Kobe Bryant NBA player Kobe Bryant tragically passed away at the end of January.

Enjoy College: How to make the most of your undergraduate experience

It feels safe to say that college has been one of the strangest times of my life, ever. There’s a ton of change at all times, and you’re always thinking ahead, while still trying to soak in the present. Trying to get all your work done, make a couple friends […]


The Art of Coffee

They say “America runs on Dunkin’,” but personally, I believe that the the statement can be simplified to, “America runs on coffee.” As a college student, coffee has propelled me through my busiest days. Midterms and finals weeks are nothing that a cup of coffee cannot handle. As a frequent […]


What About When You Self Can’t?: Rethinking how we view and talk about mental health.

While health, happiness, and hygiene have always been rather basic goals for the average individual, a new movement pushing the importance of self-care has become increasingly prominent in news and social media. In the modern world, self-care has become an excuse to take off of work/school, a reason to get […]


How to Stay Motivated During Midterm Season

Midterm season is upon us, and it seems as though we’re drowning in a sea of papers, tests, projects, presentations, review packets, and study guides.  With all of this work building up, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, but there several things you can do to stay motivated […]