Los Angeles Dodgers On The Brink Of Baseball History Los Angeles Dodgers On The Brink Of Baseball History
Conservation and Christianity Conservation and Christianity
Joe Arpaio Pardon Joe Arpaio Pardon
Swift in “Look What You Made Me Do” Swift in “Look What You Made Me Do”

Letter To the Freshmen

Dear Freshmen:      Let me be the 25th or even 62nd person to tell you, “Welcome to Eastern University!” Here at Eastern University, one of the most visually beautiful places in Pennsylvania, we have a wide range of facilities to offer you. We have one library, one theatre stage, […]


Music In The Emerald Isle: Eastern University Choir Travels to Ireland

      This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland with some of the students from the University Choir, members of the Church of the Savior choir, and singers from choirs from Michigan and Florida. It was my first time out of the country and first time […]


Politics In The Classroom

      Politics do not belong in the classroom. Nearly every political debate turns into a heated, and sometimes downright ugly argument, but the classroom should be a refuge from political discrimination and intimidation. In a perfect world, professors would be able to stand up for their political values […]


Mayweather vs McGregor Face in Fight of a Life Time

      On Aug. 26 2017,  Floyd Mayweather Jr. put his undefeated boxing record on the line against UFC star from Ireland, Conor McGregor. How this fight came to be is a story like no other, resulting in two people from different fighting backgrounds coming together for one epic […]