Activism and Athletics: Maya Moore’s newest life purpose. Maya Moore playing basketball for the WNBA.
The Art of Cooking and Baking: Insight into the craft of making delicious food. Many people find cooking and baking comforting this
time of year. Pictured is the pumpkin, apple loaf from Taste of Home mentioned in the article.
Halloween Made Easy: Perfect Halloween costumes and decorations for college students on a budget. A ghost costume can be a cheap and easy costume for Halloween.
People of Eastern: Get to know Derek Hamer, a junior with a compelling story. Derek Hamer’s story is one filled with compassion, family, and the will and power of God.
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Eastern Athletics Intramurals: Eastern’s Student-Athletes and Coaches Compete in Intramural sports.

Eastern University’s athletics programs have been experiencing an unprecedented year due to Covid-19. With the spring of 2020 seasons ending abruptly to fall seasons being delayed until spring, athletes at Eastern have had their seasons altered in one way or another. In an attempt to keep athletes involved in competitions […]


Petitions Alone Cannot Save Us

Online petitions have been around for a while now, and can be spread over many different media platforms. The most popular source of these petitions is via a website called has made it easier for any person to start a petition, whether it is political or personal. But […]

Sports Maya Moore playing basketball for the WNBA.

Activism and Athletics: Maya Moore’s newest life purpose.

Many athletes spend their lives dedicated to the sports that they love. Some sacrifice friendships, schoolwork, and even family for their professional sports dream. Once a professional athlete, few leave their job willingly. Most athletes retire after hitting their physical peak or suffering a career-ending injury. However, for WNBA player […]