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Inside Windows on the World: Lisa Sharon Harper discusses Shalom

      On Friday April 6, Lisa Sharon Harper gave a speech at Eastern University about the hidden and realistic meaning of Shalom. Lisa Sharon Harper was a student at Eastern University and Campus Crusader. The speaker started the conversation with explaining the beginning of her career at Eastern. […]


Basketball Season Ends in Semis

After a 15-11 season, the Eastern Men’s Basketball team’s season has come to an end after a disheartening loss to Desales in the MAC Freedom Semis by a score of 74-69. The Eagles in this game had a lead that was as much as ten points. The Eagles came out […]

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Inside the Student Activities Board: An interview with the student life programming coordinator

Whether it is the movie on the hill or open mic nights in the Jammin Java, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Eastern. While we have all enjoyed these fun events from time to time, we don’t always see the work that goes into planning and running them. […]


Meet Coach Syracuse

This past June, Eastern University added the sport of Men’s Volleyball to the number of competitive sports that it will offer starting in the spring of 2019. “This will provide opportunities for competition and enhance the student-athlete experience,” Interim Athletic Director Heidi Birtwistle stated. “It also gives our department a […]

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Eastern’s Private Lessons: A Place for Musical Expression

      There are many talented students on Eastern’s campus. Some have great artistic skills, majority are very musically inclined. Most of those who are gifted in the musical arts go the study in that field, but that field isn’t for all of us. There is a space for […]


Interfaith Fellowship

      The Interfaith Fellowship Trip, put on by the office of Faith and Practice, was a life-changing experience. Liz Margolis, Kaci Shay, Marilyn Leader and I spent three days getting to engage in meaningful interfaith dialogue and experience what worship was like for people outside of the Christian […]

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Around The World: Philippines Erupting Volcano Impacts Residents.

      Jan. 22 Mount Mayon erupted overhead, rattling the inhabitants of the Philippines. 81,618 villagers who lived near the volcano were evacuated before it was set to erupt. The people were advised beforehand to stay alert and keep clear of the five mile danger zone to ensure safety […]

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Reflections on New Year’s Resolutions

      It is a new year, and that means another chance to turn our lives around! At least, that is what many renewed gym memberships and dieting subscriptions will tell us. Yes, it is the time of New Year’s resolutions! After a season of gift giving, fellowship, and […]

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Eastern University Without Students

By Dec. 16, students evacuate campus to spend three weeks resting, working, spending time with family, traveling, and engaging in any other activity besides school. For many, Winter Break is a time to recover from the busy schedule of the previous semester and prepare for the upcoming one. And once […]

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Winter Track is Coming: A Preview of Eastern University’s Men’s and Women’s Winter and Spring 2018 Track Season

The Eastern University Track and Field teams are stretching their legs and preparing for the beginning of their indoor winter season. This is Coach Michael Wilson’s third season with track and fi eld at Eastern, and he believes that this is probably the fi rst year where they have the […]