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Mental Heath Conversations: College Students Struggle with Mental Health during COVID-19

During the fall semester in the midst of the pandemic, many students are struggling to keep their mental health in check. With coping mechanisms removed by community guidelines and restrictions due to COVID-19, the mental health of many students is slipping. Fear, anxiety and depression are heightened by the isolation […]

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Ringing the Bell: Sports traditions in Philadelphia.

“Fly, eagles fly, on the road to victory…” If you’re from Philadelphia, you definitely know these words. In Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, traditions run deep. It is a city with so much American history, and tradition is ingrained in the Philadelphian way. This is no different than in […]

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Introducing Coach Adams: Terri Adams joins Eastern’s Softball Program to a short season of growth.

Coach Terri Adams has joined Eastern University as the Head Softball coach starting in the 2020 season. Adams hopes to lead the Eagles to a winning season this coming Spring after her inaugural season as Eagle was cut short by COVID-19. Adams grew up in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania playing softball, […]

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Athletes Who Serve: Highlighting Eastern athletes who have served in the military.

This past Wednesday, the United States celebrated Veterans Day. The holiday (which started out as Armistice Day after the end of World War I) is celebrated to thank those who have served their country in the military. Eastern’s community is extremely supportive of the armed forces; there are a number […]

The Army Vs. Navy game hosted by USAA represents long-
standing traditions and Camaraderie.
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Army Vs. Navy; It’s More Than Just a Game: Long standing traditions and rivalries bring together two military branches through competition.

Every year, one of the most talked about College football games of the season is the Army vs. Navy game held in Philadelphia. With a deep-seated rivalry and competitive spirits, students and athletes hail from their universities for an annual showdown. But the army-navy game is way more than just […]

Six students reflect on their positive experiences with the Templeton Honors College.
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An Addition to the Conversation on THC: A group of Templeton Honors College students respond to the ongoing discussion of elitism in THC.

By Ellen francis, Sarai Gonzalez, Lindsey Thompson, Carlie O’Keefe, Matti Veldhuis & Zack Wilson,,,, & I will never forget the day Mr. P, at the end of another long discussion, directly addressed the class as we stood to leave. We were freshmen, barely four […]

New COVID-19 vaccine grabs international attention.
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COVID-19 Vaccines Near Completion: An experimental vaccine brings hope amid the pandemic.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many are looking to a coming vaccine as a solution. There has been talk of developing a preventative vaccine since lock downs began in March, and the issue has been a topic of debate throughout the presidential election. While it may seem to […]

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Pope Announces Inclusive Decisions: Pope supports LGBTQ+ civil unions; names first Black American Cardinal.

For the first time ever, Pope Francis has recently spoken out about his support for same-sex civil unions. The announcement was made in a recent documentary entitled “Francesco” and has since made international headlines. “Homosexual people have the right to be in a family, they are children of God,” said […]

Students often forget to care for themselves and
their spaces in the face of a busy semester, so
they must find creative ways to relax.
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Relaxing in the Rush: How students can take a break despite the whirlwind semester.

Without fall free days this year, the weight of the end of the semester feels especially heavy. There are papers upon exams upon projects and presentations, plus homework, classes, and extracurriculars on top of all of that. Many of you have been hard at work for weeks on end, and […]

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Pretty Boys: Appreciating the beauty and talent of boy bands.

“Ew, you like K-pop boys?” said my date with a scoff. We were discussing music tastes and interests. He liked Juice WRLD and the Weeknd, and I stated that I enjoyed K-pop, specifically ATEEZ and Stray Kids. It was clear that this date would go nowhere, but my love for […]