Articles written by: Megan Mahoney


People of Eastern: Dr. Caren Lambert

      The world and writing of Flannery O’Connor revolves around seeing, and Dr. Caren Lambert’s experience teaching O’Connor has certainly affected how she sees the world. Dr. Lambert came to study O’Connor through her scrutiny of Southern literature. O’Connor can be approached from two very different angles, Dr. Lambert […]


Meet Eastern Philosophy Professor, Dr. Phillip Cary: Student, Megan Mahoney, interviews Dr. Cary about his teaching career.

      If you hear the tables shaking in a classroom, it  might be an earthquake, but it also might just be Dr. Phillip Cary pounding the table in excitement. After all, he considers philosophy— and teaching in general— something worth getting excited about. “The great gift [of teaching] […]


The Art of Packing: A reflection on how packing is a extension of yourself.

      I rediscover the art of packing with every break that passes by. It’s an art I learned so long ago I can barely remember, an art that never dies and will never quite leave me. I packed with every house and every state I left behind as a […]


What is “E.T.H.E.L.S?”: Eastern Student shares about the swing dance club on Eastern’s campus and what to expect at an event

      “Would you like to dance?” a man in a checked-print shirt and jeans asks me, holding out his hand. I say yes; to our left, the King of Hearts spins the Mad Hatter, and to our right, a Gryffindor student leads Gamora across the floor. This is […]