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The Poppy War
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The Poppy War

The Poppy War series has generated a lot of chatter in a lot of different book communities, and for good reason: it’s a fantastically well-written and well-researched historical fantasy based on twentieth century Chinese military history. The series is a trilogy, with the first book, The Poppy War published in […]

Two Easters: Copy editor Meghan Mahoney describes the ways she celebrates Western and Eastern holiday traditions.
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Two Easters: Copy editor Meghan Mahoney describes the ways she celebrates Western and Eastern holiday traditions.

Easter is the most important holiday of the Church calendar for Christians. It’s a feast day in the Church, and my family certainly celebrates that. We have the assigned candy baskets, of course, one for each of my many siblings, and we often take the fake plastic grass from the […]

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Alone in Doane, Continued: How another student experienced quarantine at Eastern University.

Many students have experienced or are currently experiencing quarantine in Doane, just as Sophia Hunter did. While Hunter expressed gratitude that the school is trying to protect students during this challenging time, she also found that her quarantine gave her cause to be worried for her health and safety in […]

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Punished for Having COVID: One student’s experience quarantining in the Gatehouse.

It felt like I was being punished for having COVID”, junior Maggie Rafidi said when being interviewed about her experience quarantining with COVID. “It was the first time I felt like my experience at Eastern was just a business transaction, and I wasn’t even getting what I paid for.” While […]

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What I Learned From Last Semester: A student reflects on how the fall semester changed her outlook.

I don’t think any of us expected our time in college to look this way. I certainly didn’t. After having to leave so quickly almost a year ago (can you believe it’s almost March again?), I don’t have anything in my room that I can’t either fit in two suitcases […]

Wednesday Night Worship takes place at Olson field.
Worship teams sing praises to God and feature a speaker. For
this collaboration, students were able to experience the different
types of Eastern’s worship come together.
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Eastern’s Worship Collaboration: A night of worship by Wednesday Night Worship, Precious Movements, and Unceasing.

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, Precious Movements, Unceasing Prayer Ministry, and Wednesday Night Worship (WNW) worked together to put on an evening of worship that combined the strengths of all the different forms of worship that these organizations practice. It took place in the evening, at nine o’clock at night, just […]

Inklings Literary Magazine was established in 1966 at
Eastern University and has published many editions,
including the ones pictured above.
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Inklings Opens for Submissions: Eastern’s Literary Magazine accepting artistic works of all kinds.

Have you ever wanted to be published in a literary magazine? Maybe you’re an aspiring author or poet, or you’re an avid photographer or artist. Getting your work published by a literary magazine could be the first step in your career. But what is a literary magazine, and why might […]

Many people find cooking and baking comforting this
time of year. Pictured is the pumpkin, apple loaf from Taste of Home mentioned in the article.
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The Art of Cooking and Baking: Insight into the craft of making delicious food.

Have you ever eaten a perfect bite of food? Maybe a butter-soft slice of raw tuna swathed in avocado atop a plantain chip? Or perhaps a steaming hot spoonful of pho? Maybe you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, and what comes to mind for you is a crepe in […]


How to Find Food Over Spring Break

Whether you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before or straying back to the old haunts or even relaxing at home over spring break, you might want to try some food you’ve never had before. But how? How do you know what’s good around you, and how do you know if […]

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Spring Break Plans: How Eastern students will be spending their days off.

A Trip to Florida In 2015, my brother was a senior in college and over his Spring break, my sister and I went on a road trip with him down to Florida. It was the first time we ever drove straight through Florida and back, which I thought was a […]