Mural Club: Check out Eastern’s newest club!

There’s a brand new club on campus! The Art and Mural Club, started by Alecia Espinosa, had its first meeting on Thursday March 10 and has been meeting each Thursday at 7pm in Hainer Basement since then.

Espinosa has been passionate about art all her life, even attending a high school dedicated to the arts. When she came to Eastern, she heard about the art club that previously existed on campus, but when she found out that it no longer met, she started her own.

“I just want people with art abilities to come together and have fun and create some type of mural at some point,” Espinosa said. The first week that the club met, the members worked on paintings of a sunset, and the second week, each member was free to create their own painting. On Thursday the 24th, Espinosa hopes to begin planning the club’s mural, which would hopefully be installed in one of the residence halls.

One of the main things Espinosa wants to do with her mural is promote inclusivity. “A good mural would be inclusive to every type of major, class, and student life in general,” she said in the interview. While Espinosa has experimented with many different forms of artwork such as mosaics, glasswork, graphic design, and photography, painting and designing murals is her favorite type. 

Espinosa shared that while art is a big part of her life, she’s currently pursuing a major in psychology. She’s from Philadelphia, and she’s a freshman here at Eastern. She’d love to attend other clubs, but she hasn’t done so yet, and she works in the registrar’s office. Espinosa calls herself a “very social, extroverted person,” which is perfect for someone who wants to bring people together in a new club.

Espinosa’s vision for the club is “somewhere where people can come to paint and relax, a space that people can talk about what they like to do.” According to Espinosa, “Art helps you express yourself. Not everyone can express themselves through writing, so it can help you express what you’re feeling or what you like.”

In the future, Espinosa could see the club extending beyond murals and painting to other types of art, such as printmaking, but she still has some boxes to check to make the club official and to get funding from SGA. If you love art or you’re interested in exploring a new way to unwind, check out the Art and Mural Club this week!

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