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SAB: We’re Looking for New Members!

If you’ve ever attended a bingo night, coffeehouse, festival or any weekend event on campus, you’ve very likely been exposed to the workings of the Student Activities Board. Commonly known as SAB (pronounced S-A-B, not sab), this club is actually a staff and student-led organization that plans weekly events for […]

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Eastern’s Lack of Security Measures: A security audit of the campus reveals that Eastern isn’t as safe as many students think.

Before I arrived at Eastern University, I was under the impression it was one of the safest college campuses in the area. However, I completed a security audit of campus as an assignment for my senior seminar that told me otherwise. There are six major entry points on campus that […]

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Spring Banquet: Buy tickets now!

After a long and excruciating two-year-hiatus, one of Eastern University’s beloved traditions has finally resurfaced. For seniors, this tradition may hold a special place in their hearts, but for freshmen, sophomores and juniors, this tradition has remained elusive until now. Spring Banquet, sponsored by the Student Activities Board (SAB), is […]

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September was Suicide Prevention Month: Members of Eastern’s community reflect on their experiences and opinions regarding suicide, mental health, and more.

The Aftermath: How an uncle’s suicide shapes a young girl by Gabrielle Pardocchi My uncle committed suicide when I was nine years old. At least, I think he did. He had been battling with a drug addiction for years, before overdosing in 2008. He had told my grandmother a few months before […]