Author: Jayme Fisher


Take This!: A student review of an Eastern class

By: Jayme Fisher According to my.eastern’s course description, Computer Graphics (FAPA-160) is “designed to provide the basic skills necessary for the successful use of an industry standard graphics program, Adobe Photoshop and is specifically intended for the inexperienced student.” Computer Graphics is one of my favorite classes at Eastern University. […]


Potential Advancement in Alzheimer’s Research: Results of a new trial uncovers a drug that slows cognitive decline in those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

By: Jayme Fisher On Sept. 27, Eisai announced in a press release that the results of a trial saw a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s disease treatment. The drug used in the trial was lecanemab, which is an experimental monoclonal antibody designed to break down clumps of toxic proteins in the brain […]