Halloween on a Budget: Creating costumes for less.

Holidays for college students can be a pricey endeavour, and Halloween is no exception. Between decorations, costumes and candy, Halloween can be rather costly for a college student on a budget. 

However, Halloween does not need to be costly, especially for a costume. There are plenty of ways someone can make a great halloween costume without breaking the bank. 

Movie and TV show characters can be a fun and cheap costume for college students looking to save money. Many characters wear outfits that can easily be found at any regular clothing store, or even thrift stores. Popular sitcom characters such as those from The Office or Friends would be rather easy to find outfits for at any cheap clothing store. Many people may even have fitting outfits sitting in their own closets.

Disney bounding costumes can also be a fun and cheap way to stay in the halloween spirit. Disney bounding is when you use everyday clothing to recreate styles of your favorite Disney characters. It is used by fans of Disney when visiting Disney parks to avoid confusion among other guests from mistaking costumed guests for cast members.

 An example of Disney bounding could be as simple as wearing a polka dotted skirt and Disney ears to represent Minnie Mouse. Some Disney bounding costumes are over the top, while others stay casual in their representation of characters. 

To do a Disney bound costume for Halloween does not restrict you to solely Disney characters either; it is just a way to portray a character that does not require a full blown eccentric and intricate costume for your favorite Characters. 

A classic costume that could be easy to recreate would be a new spin on the old trend of wearing superhero logos under everyday clothing. While the original is an easy idea in itself, another form could be done as dressing up as the alter-ego of your favorite superhero. While being Spiderman is fun, a Peter Parker costume could consist of really any sweatshirt and jean combo. Combined with a name tag listing you as an alter ego, you have a simple costume that can be found within your own closet.

Group costumes are also a fun and easy idea that don’t need to break the bank. From sticking with the superhero plainclothes as a group or writing M on a bright colored t-shirt and going as m&ms, the possibilities are endless and don’t need to cause any financial strain.

Overall, Halloween is about expressing what makes you happy, and it shouldn’t ruin your pockets to do so.

If you end up using any of these ideas, please feel free to DM them to the Waltonian Instagram page @EUWaltonian or email them to us at waltonian@eastern.edu, we would love to see what you come up with!

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