The Masquerade Dance: SAB hosts the 2021 Homecoming event

A night of masks, dancing, and amazing memories, Eastern put on an amazing homecoming dance on saturday. As the theme was Masquerade, you would find people wearing masks, a themed photo booth, and a plethora of different decorations scattered around the tennis courts. 

 As a form of getting the word out, the student activity board hid masquerade masks all around campus to get the word out about homecoming. This brought a whole new twist to the Eastern campus. One of the students from the senior class Courtney Willhite found one of the masks around the tree near the tennis courts. “ I thought it was cute and unique that they chose to advertise homecoming that way this year. It made me more motivated to want to go honestly.“ 

The masks all over campus were a big hit, the actual homecoming was just as big. SAB decided to host the homecoming out on the tennis courts, which gave the students more room to spread out and go maskless.There was anxiety around having the homecoming outside because there was a chance of rain throughout the night. The Student Activity Board had a little trouble setting up homecoming because of how winding it was. Through trial and error, SAB has come through once again and has put together amazing decorations decept the wind and rain.  

Students had a break from having to wear face coverings, some students decided to go one step further into the theme and wear masquerade masks to the dance. Throughout the night, people would show up with all different types of masks. From people that had a mask that looks like a bird with a full beak to a classic black lass mask. 

Before the homecoming dance started, there were high tensions for the student activity board and the students because there was a little bit of rain right before the dance started.The Student Activity board was ready for the rain. They quickly got to work by putting up canopies for both the photo booth operator and the DJ. Luckily, the rain stopped right before the dance started. 

When walking into homecoming, the guests found an array of food from benyas to Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets and everything in between. Guests also had an opportunity to go to the photo booth and take home photo booth strips on pictures with their friends.

While there was great food and an amazing photobooth, there was one thing that always stands out from the rest. The thing that brought in most of the students was the DJ and the dancing. There was a lot of dancing happening throughout the night. Since it was also cold outside, the dance floor was packed with tons of people having fun and keeping warm. 

At the end of the night, this year’s homecoming had great food, amazing music, and a cool photo booth. Homecoming all together was a very big success even though there was a little bit of wind, rain, and it was a little cold. It was well worth the October weather.

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