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Oversharing on the Internet:

The dangers of sharing personal details with the internet community. By: Jennie Brouse The internet is a wild place where people have the ability and option to share whatever comes to their minds. This freedom to post almost anything online can be disturbing, weird or even dangerous. There are many […]


Museum Highlight:

A highlight section of a selection of Philadelphia museums. By: Jennie Brouse Philadelphia is a broad art and cultural playground for anyone looking to find their way around many varieties of art, science and history. Visiting Philadelphia from Eastern can be as simple as a 45ish minute train ride.  So […]

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The Ethical Implications of True Crime: The entertainment world is showcasing true crime stories in a way that seeks entertainment, not truth.

True crime is a topic that sparks an interest in a lot of people. Regardless of fields of study, true crime has become a form of entertainment for a large portion of our population.  But should we be using these stories as entertainment? Should true crime podcasts, television shows and […]

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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Breezeway. Breezeway is the underrated underdog of the on campus eateries at Eastern. It’s there when nothing else is, it’s open late and is perfect for satisfying the late night hunger that most college students experience after they accidentally skip dinner due to an overwhelming study session.  […]