Author: Jennie Brouse


Man Dies At Hands Of Local Police

By: Jennie Brouse On Jan. 7 of this year, 29-year-old Tyre Nichols was stopped by five police officers after a reported traffic violation in Memphis, Tennessee. After being pulled over, it is alleged that Nichols attempted to flee the officers on foot after being tasered and pepper-sprayed, only to be […]


Come Talk with Us: A sneak peek of the upcoming Windows of the World talk about Christian and Muslim faith.

By: Jennie Brouse On February 9 and 10, Eastern University will be hosting Pastor Kevin Brown and Imam Idris Abdul-Zahir for a discussions on how to “Promote Multifaith Relationships on a Christian College Campus.” Pastor Kevin Brown and Imam Idris Abdul-Zahir will have a conversation about Christian-Muslim friendship in a […]


Inside the Lives of Sport Spouses: TikTok reveals a lot, good and bad about being the wife or husband of a pro athelete

By: Jennie Brouse A newer trend on TikTok is bringing sports fans and non-sports fans together in a mutual love of an underrated aspect of sports: sports spouses, and more specifically, Allison Kuch, wife of football player Isaac Rochell. The rise of athletes’ spouses on social media platforms allows sports […]


Oversharing on the Internet:

The dangers of sharing personal details with the internet community. By: Jennie Brouse The internet is a wild place where people have the ability and option to share whatever comes to their minds. This freedom to post almost anything online can be disturbing, weird or even dangerous. There are many […]