Homecoming Club Fair: Homecoming’s Annual Club Fair featured a variety of fundraisers to support you favorite club!

The atmosphere is filled with excitement and energy as you enter the KG Tent. The club fair is active, and everyone is waiting and ready to spread awareness about their club. With fun interactive activities, food, drinks, and engaging fundraisers, there was something for everyone. 

If you are a kinesiology or health science major, the Kinseology Club is the place for you, an opportunity to make an impact and connections within your field.  “It is a club that gives students the ability to do what they want to do within the exercise science and health majors. We are fundraising for activities such as the American College of Sports Medicine Conference. We go to Children’s Hospital to volunteer. We also volunteer for Special Olympics, “ said Taylor Bynum-Bain, Co-leader of the Kinesiology Club. Their fundraiser included meatball subs, cookies, and Gatorade. Follow their Instagram at @eukinesiology to learn more about the club and their meeting times. 

If you’re looking for a club fighting for justice, International Justice Ministry is a  great option. “IJM is our club on campus that works to fight human trafficking globally, so we partner with International Justice Mission which is an organization that fights human trafficking on a large scale. Our job as a campus chapter is to educate students on campus about the reality of human trafficking and to support IJM through prayer and financial support,” said Gracie McBride, IJM President. For more information follow them on Instagram @euijm. 

A few of the other clubs featured were Chemistry Club, Student Social Work club, EU Dance club, Habitat for Humanity, Student Chaplains, Unceasing Prayer Ministry, Prison Ministry, Precious Movements, Multicultural Awareness Advisory Committee (MAAC), Blaze Step Team, The Music Guild, Smash Bros Club, Model UN, and Afro Caribbean Union. 

Walking through the KG tent was both an incredible and overwhelming experience with so many clubs hosting fundraisers for various causes. With Blaze Step Team hosting a delicious-looking brunch fundraiser to the candy apple fundraiser at the Precious Movements Table to the beautiful stickers sold at the Prison Ministry table. It was incredible to watch the Chemistry club make apple cider mocktails using dry ice, the clouds of smoke ascending. A crowd formed with their phones ready to catch the magical experience. From afar the bright colors of various handcrafted items, socks, scarves, shoes, and bookbags drew me over to the table hosting the organization, A Breeze of Hope. Next to this table, a huge sign boasted the ETHEL’S pretzel fundraiser. My tickets ran out quickly as I wanted to get a taste of all the amazing options and purchase the unique items. 

The club fair also included local justice organizations including A Breeze of Hope, created by Brisa De Angulo and Parker Palmer, survivors of childhood sexual violence. Their mission is to prevent sexual violence against children, restore the lives of child survivors, and promote healthy childhood development. The organization is currently fundraising to raise money for its annual international service-learning trip to Bolivia.  To find out more about the organization or to donate visit their website abreezeofhope.org.

Overall, the Homecoming club fair was a fun way for families, students, and alumni to get together and support the community here at Eastern! The creativity and effort of all the organizations on campus was truly on display, and hopefully the money that clubs were able to raise will continue to make Eastern a welcoming and vibrant community.

If you’re interested in contacting the clubs mentioned above, check out the clubs and organizations page on Eastern’s website! There are also flyers for many clubs all over campus, so check out those to get involved in the various events taking place. Eastern has many opportunities for people of all interests and talents, so be sure to get engaged with different groups!

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