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The do’s and don’ts of social media

Do: Try to be as funny as possible. “The first time a heard about Lacrosse I asked, what’s that, is that a sport? I thought that was something you found in a Mexican

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Do a little, save big

Money is a nice thing to have. Some people like to have big stacks of money, while other people treat it like an annoying bug that keeps climbing on them (something that must be gotten rid of as soon as possible). Ultimately, the important thing is that you have enough […]

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Eastern Freshman Drops Missions and Anthropology Major

Not even one full year into his academic career at Eastern University and freshman Stuart Craig Bannon has already switched his major. Bannon declared his Missions and Anth. major long before making his housing deposit, despite meeting fierce resistance from Eastern’s administration that he consider thinking about his decision for […]