Being Offended is Okay: Sharing why having diverse opinions is good rather than bad.

With todays technology and social media, we are constantly being exposed to a multitude of varying opinions and viewpoints on a day to day basis. These can include topics such as racism, political viewpoints, gender inequality, etc. Issues like these can receive a lot of mixed reactions from people. Some groups of may praise an idea or policy, while other may criticize it. With division of idealisms in social media and themes of “cancel culture,” often times, we feel pressured into thinking with the majority, and may feel forced to agree, disagree, or tolerate something we would not normally. When we do this, we may feel as if our true opinion on a matter is wrong, and we might try to shut out how we truly feel. As human beings, it is natural to try to fit in with the norm and go with the flow when we are offended, but it is also important to take in mind our own feelings and opinions. Sometimes we have to sit back and ask, “Am I gaslighting myself?”

With many topics in the news today being so black and white, some ideologies spark much controversy and some groups of people are demonized for differing opinions or viewpoints. On social media, some internet users have come up with terminology to disclude groups of individuals who may be easily offended. With whatever subject it is at hand, the internet has coined terms such as “Karen”, “snowflake”, or maybe even “social justice warrior” to make others feel bad about what they had to say. Intimidation is just not only in the form of cyber bullying or name calling, but it can also be subliminal programming as well. When we see a certain viewpoint or idea being portrayed on social media frequently, this can lead to a majority of us into believing this ideology, making it the new “norm”. Programming can also lead us to second-guess our own ideals in more political topics, leading us to wondering if our own opinion is the problem, rather than the problem itself. With all this in mind, it is easy to be intimidated to express how you truly feel about a topic, and this may lead us to feeling muted in a lot of conversations.

As we all come from different backgrounds, it is understandable that we all have different boundaries than the peers around us. Due to different exposure and stimuli in our past environments, we all form our own opinions on what is and what is not appropriate. Some of us might find certain information on social media to be a bit too explicit, while others might find some political topics to be too controversial and might be uncomfortable discussing it. It is important to note that because of this, there is no such thing as normal when it comes to what is and what is not offensive. When we keep this in mind, criticism means nothing as that the problem lies not within ourselves, but in those who refuse to open their minds to the viewpoints of other people.

Eastern has a diverse community of students, who each have their own unique stories and understandings of today’s issues. This makes EU a great place to learn different ideas and philosophies. We just need to  surround ourselves with the right people, so we can share our ideas in a safe environment. 


The Myth of the Modern Sabbath: Explaining why students today struggle to observe the Sabbath.

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.” Exodus 20: 8-11.

Many of us have grown up in Christian households, where these words were read from the pulpit. Though most Christian denominations do not keep the Sabbath in the traditional sense, many of us still grew up with Sunday as a holy day with no or few obligations. From all initial appearances, a college student could keep Sunday holy. There are no classes on Sunday, no projects to present or tests to take. We can attend the service of our choosing, with even more options since churches are streaming their services. Even Zime is closed, so students who work there can kick back and take it easy. And how lucky we must be! Instead of one day off, we now have two. For all on-paper matters, Saturday is the same. Two full days of complete rest. Except, this is not the case for most students. 

The number one villain that stalks our Sabbath plans is homework. A student could diligently keep up with every reading or minor project they get during the week, but the moment an essay or larger project is assigned, at least a portion of the weekend can be vital to keep afloat with school. A student with no other responsibilities would still have to take time away from their rest to do homework.  But as much as homework interferes, it’s not the only burden on those who want a holy day of rest. 

Financial pressure can drive a student to give up parts of both weekdays and weekends. Many students must work a job on top of going to school in order to pay for college tuition. Even a few hours a week can dip into their rest days. Resident assistants sometimes work weekends, and student athletes devout most of their weekends to the game schedule. Athletic activities and extracurricular clubs can eat away at what little time remains. Not only that, but Saturdays are full of events, like dances or festivals. 

But what about Sundays? Isn’t Sunday the important part? Sundays aren’t exempt from the bustle of work; this is where homework sneaks in the gaps. If Saturday is full of games, evening rounds, and trying to support the ever-increasing expense of tuition, Sunday is the day full of catch-up work and preparing for Monday. While many students may still make it to church on Sundays, the rest of that day may still be filled with other obligations. 

What happened to a day of rest? The truth is, for the modern student, this day of rest doesn’t exist. This is not a question of time management. A student with perfect motivation to accomplish everything in the week could not possibly keep up with the all the demands of the modern student. As for the student who doesn’t come from money, it’s impossible to “have it all.” 

In order to engage with fulfilling rest and community with others, a true sabbath is needed. If a Sunday is filled with doing the next day’s reading, finishing an essay, or answering discussion posts, where is the time for engagement with a church community, or to spend time in prayer or reading scripture? Those who want to have a rich spiritual life are locked off from it by a time barrier.  As students, it becomes a struggle to prioritize, and spiritual life can often be neglected. When spiritual life is neglected in the student body, as a religious institution, we have to wonder, what kind of Christians are we creating?

How the Trump’s Stole Christmas: Melania Trump decorated the White House better than Jill Biden.

“Its the most wonderful time of the year,” sings Andy Williams.  Williams was in fact right.  Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. It is a time for people to gather with their families, give each other gifts to brighten one anothers day, and remember the reason for the season. Christmas is a time to reflect on the good things the Lord has given us and read the story of Jesus’ birth.  This time of year is full of cheer, thankfulness, and for me, tons of family time. 

Recently, one very popular figure continued the cheer when she unveiled the Christmas decorations at the White House.  First Lady Jill Biden unveiled her Christmas decorations this year, and I have a few thoughts. Before I dive in, I will say, I appreciate her tribute to our fallen soldiers.  One of the trees in the White House is decorated with ornaments that have the names of fallen military members.  

According to Insider, her theme is called, “Gifts from the Heart.” The theme is supposed to reflect how each and every person can help each other out by spreading kindness.  Throughout the White House, there is an array of different decorations that resemble people coming together and putting our differences aside.   

However, her actual execution of the decorations was not so good.  Now, what I am about to say is probably going to make a few people upset, and you know what, I am okay with that. We are all allowed to have our own opinion, and you have the right to disagree with me. That is the beauty of America. 

Melania Trump decorated the White House better than Jill Biden.  There, I said it.  Jill’s decorations looked, well, normal.  Melania always brought some sort of fresh flavor and class.  In 2020, for Melania’s last Christmas in the White House, she decided to commemorate the essential workers, who worked so hard during the pandemic.  

She called it, “America the Beautiful.”  She filled the White House with Christmas trees, garlands, and a really fun White House replica made out of gingerbread.  The entire space was beautiful to take in.  She covered the trees in ornaments that resembled various essential workers.  It was classy, it was traditional, and it was “America the Beautiful.”

Jill had an entrance made up of various sizes of red gift boxes.  This looked like something I would see outside of a Build-a-Bear Workshop during the holidays. Something that would appeal to children, not the entire country. 

Melania created a scene that was traditional, classy, and paid a tribute to the hard working Americans that kept the country afloat during the pandemic.  Jill tried to remind everyone to come together despite our differences, but carried it out like President Biden’s presidency. It did not quite “work.” 

Where Melania decorated the White House with classy, traditional, or more unique decorations, Jill chose what looked like something I would have made during Sunday school at church.  Insider reported that Jill filled the China room with wreaths. On each of these wreaths were hands that were supposed to resemble people coming together.  To me, this looked like a craft I did in the 5th grade at co-op. 

Melania filled the White House with Christmas trees that were sophisticated and reflected the American people.  She pulled off her last Christmas beautifully. As for Jill, let’s just say she has three more opportunities to try and match the bar Melania has set. 

Hard Pill to Swallow: Taylor Swift is not all that and a bag of chips.

As many people know, Taylor Swift has made a huge splash in the music community since  releasing updated versions of her songs. Many of her fans flocked to TikTok to record their reactions to the most anticipated song “All Too Well”, a song about one of her exes. I am not saying Taylor Swift is a bad artist. She has worked hard for her career and her music is good, however, she gets hype for creating the same type of music.

Sad love songs are a popular genre of music, I listen to them all the time, but there are many other artists out there who are better than her and deserve more hype. Swift creates the same type of songs about her exes and her breakups, which can get old very fast. I will give credit where credit is due, she is good but the hype she gets now is unwarranted. Her voice sounds like any other pop artist. There is nothing unique about it. She writes about the same things other artists write about.  She creates the same types of songs and her newest music is just old songs she sings now that her voice is more mature. Swift’s voice is good but there are many artists out there that have better voices who do not get any attention. Swift has been in the public eye for so long which makes it harder for less known artists to make an appearance.

Another thing about Swift’s music is that it calls out the people who have wronged her in the music industry. The most recent victim is the actor Jake Gyllenhall. It is great to get inspiration from real events that happen in your life, in fact many artists do, but for people to know exactly who they are does not sit right with me. It is okay for the people to guess and make speculations but for them to know exactly who the person is leaves me questioning Swift’s actions. Gyllenhall does deserve the push back he is getting because of the age gap between him and Swift while they were dating. However, that should be addressed in a different setting. It should not be addressed in a pop song. I think bashing exes and friendship while you are in the public eye is not a good thing. That goes for every artist as well. Her music makes it seem that she is misunderstood and a victim of the people who have wronged her. It is a one sided narrative in her music which is why it does not appeal to me. There are many other artists who create songs that give both sides of the stories, not just one.

Swift is an overrated singer who creates pop songs like every other artist. Swift is not as extraordinary as fans claim her to be. She sings just like any other sad girl artist. Her music sounds dull and can drag on for a bit especially in her newest two albums. Her vocals do not impress me compared to other popular artists like Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson or Adele. 

Grande has the most impressive vocals and she also has tried a wide range of different styles of music. Swift did make a shift from just country to becoming more of a pop artist, but has positioned herself in the sad girl genre.  It is fine to stick to one style or genre of music, but Swift does not have the skill to be up there with artists like Grande. 

OR even Clarkson, who has the vocal range the size of the Grand Canyon.  She can sing almost any style of music and knock it out of the park.  Adele fits into the sad girl genre, but she does it in a way that puts me in Adele’s shoes.  I can see and feel her pain.  Swift just makes me feel like I am watching her sad life unfold.  Nobody wants that.  I want to feel and experience her pain with her.  That is what sad girl music is for.  

So that haters are gonna hate hate hate, but i am just gonna express my true feelings and say that Swift is not as special as the world portrays her. 

The Meltdown: An Eastern food item suddenly disappeared from the menu.

Now, as an Eastern University student, the food selection is limited. Throughout my four years here, I’ve witnessed this change as many around. From Jamin Java’s rebranding to Zime and Breezeway’s lunchtime hours changed; I’m sure you’ve noticed it too. While one constant food item has found its way off the menu from both places, one, in particular, was chosen the most, the meltdown.

The meltdown was a buffalo chicken sandwich, often found in Breezeway but also in Jammin Java. Cooks put chicken fingers with cheddar cheese, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese on sourdough bread naming it the meltdown. It was so popular to the point where every table at Breezeway was packed with one of these sandwiches—becoming a rival food item to the cheesesteak, chicken cheesesteak, and macaroni bites. 

It was a unique item at the time, and it was a big reason for me to leave Sparrowk, walk to Breezeway, and spend long hours there. I could eat one of these sandwiches and be full for the rest of the night. I had multiple memories of enjoying this lunchtime or nighttime meal around friends while playing pool. 

However, the popularity caused the portions to get small. Due to the low supply of sourdough bread and buffalo sauce, we would get half the sandwich. It got to the point where people would buy two or three just to get the same quantity they’ve received before.

This got worse over time, leading to the meltdown to be removed from the menu with its high demand. It was sudden, and no one expected this to happen. This led to the same situation happening to the chicken cheesesteak and macaroni bites. While all these items were popular, it caused more labor for the student workers, and supplies were too much to buy. The sandwich would take forever to make, where students would just buy the chicken fingers and fries when the place was packed.

While the meltdown disappeared, food selection had fewer items, making it hard for students to decide what to eat late at night. However, the meltdown did find itself back on the menu as a special for some nights, but it still never fully managed to get recognition from newer students. 

The meltdown isn’t the only item to find itself off the menu. Before me, students have experienced Breezeway selling chicken wings and quesadillas. So whatever food item you love from either Zime or Breezeway, make sure you enjoy it while it lasts because it will come as a surprise when one day it is taken off the menu.

It is Too Early to Celebrate Christmas: And here’s why?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and everyone is excited to get to it. When you walk into stores they have their Christmas decorations up and their holiday themed clothes out for people to buy. The lights, the songs, the decorations and the food is what makes Christmas so special. However, once it hits Nov. people are too eager to celebrate it. Christmas should be celebrated right after Thanksgiving because celebrating it too early will make it less magical. 

People skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving to get to Christmas because they are impatient and want their favorite holiday to come right away. Halloween and Thanksgiving are their own holidays that need to be celebrated. They have their designated days and to skip over it would be sacrilegious. I think that skipping over Thanksgiving and straight into Christmas takes away from the magic of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family and the things we are thankful for. I think it is good to have a day where you are thankful for all the things in life,  and celebrating Christmas in Nov. takes away from that. Yes, Christmas can be a family oriented holiday but it can distract from all the things people have and take for granted. Both holidays are great and each has amazing food but Christmas has a whole month dedicated to it (and sometimes the beginning of Jan.)  

Thanksgiving and Halloween have one day and they should be celebrated, not skipped over because Christmas is right around the corner. 

If we continue to skip right to Christmas, it will take away the charm of the holiday. It is something we look forward to because it is not celebrated early. Celebrating Christmas early will make it boring because we are used to it and we will want something else to look forward to and celebrate instead of Christmas. That is why we should celebrate the holidays before Christmas to make it special and not just another holiday.

The Christmas celebration should begin the day after Thanksgiving. That is when the decorations and the Christmas music can start playing. Once Thanksgiving is over, Christmas can start. Both Halloween and Thanksgiving have been celebrated, so naturally Christmas can start and the prep for gifts and holiday activities can begin

People love to rush through life and get to the good parts but that takes away from the good things happening now. Christmas is a great time but so is Thanksgiving and Halloween. It is okay to start getting decorations and buying gifts but to start decorating and listening to Christmas music is taking it too far. There needs to be a balance between Christmas celebrations and Thanksgiving celebrations. 

That balance is midnight on Thanksgiving day. That is when Christmas can be celebrated. Not sooner and not later. I think it is way too early to celebrate Christmas and that we need to be patient and celebrate the holidays that come before it so that Christmas can be more magical and not ruin the Christmas spirit.

The Trojan Horse of Social Media: An in-depth look at Facebook’s newest social cover-up.

Social media platforms have been the crux of modern day communication. Whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, or the like, our connection with people is dependent on these platforms. 

However, especially in recent years, how social media platforms have handled their newfound influence has been questionable to say the least. From obvious cases of censoring, engagement seeking algorithms, the promotion of negative based content, increased social anxiety and an heigented feelings of isolation, the side effects of social media read like the warnings of a new black labeled drug. 

However, none of this is new. Everyone has known the dangers of social media. Countless studies have been performed and the conclusions are bleak. 

Facebook has been one of the primary service providers for social media. If Facebook didn’t start a currently used social media service, they wore other companies down until they could buy them out. 

Over the past several years, Facebook has come under fire for, what I will call, varying levels of social attacks. It seems as though every other month Mark Zuckerberg has been in front of a jury testifying, or rather cleverly avoiding, accusations of blatant misuse of power. 

Thus, Facebook has become a cautionary tail when it comes to data, privacy, and tracking. With all the negative PR surrounding social media platforms in general, and a special justified hatred for Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook social manipulation team did what any other company would do when their name has been tainted–rebrand. 

On Oct. 28, Facebook excitedly unveiled both their name, and corporation, “direction change”. Welcome to the Metaverse everyone. An interconnected internet landscape which goes beyond the standard boring 2D world and offers you all of the social media wonder in a new 3D environment. A place where you can disconnect from reality even further! 

According to USA Today, the Meta platform is, “a combination of multiple elements of technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and video where users ‘live’ within a digital universe.” Meta (Facebook) hopes to take virtual reality to the next level with hopes to transform the internet into a more immersive experience with everything from meetings, to concerts being virtually streamed. However, according to the same article, “it could take five to 10 years before the key features of the metaverse become mainstream.” 

Therefore, as if it isn’t obvious, the name change is nothing more than an alias to escape the legal nightmare, and public hatred Facebook has dumped on themselves with the promise of something new to catch the public eye. With the unveiling of Meta, Frances Haugen spoke out against the new platform arguing that the platform will lurch on people’s data and privacy more than ever before. 

Outside of being heavily addictive and require many more sensors to be placed in peoples homes, Haugen stated in an interview with The Associated Press, “If your employer decides they’re now a metaverse company, you have to give out way more personal data to a company that’s demonstrated that it lies whenever it is in its best interests.”

Thus, Facebook’s answer to more privacy and better ethical approaches to social media was more of the same Facebook in a different package. They have not learned from their mistakes. They do not care to create a platform which will provide a good social service. They only care about covering up their mistakes, ensuring your dependence on them and making money from your data. Facebook’s change to Meta is a cowardly move, but do you really expect anything better from a sleazy company who gets paid billions of dollars to manipulate you. Beware of Meta, it’s the trojan horse of social media– once you let it in there is no going back.    


Source: Associated press and USA Today

Most romantic Season: Deciding once and for all the most romantic time of the year.

What is the most romantic season? Fall, winter, spring or summer? I think it is safe to rule out spring and summer, but the race between fall and winter is tight. 

With fall activities being increasingly romantic, between apple picking, couples halloween costumes, and drive in movies, fall romances are at an all time high.

Despite these factors, the most romantic season of the year is hands down winter. With Christmas and Valentines day both taking place in Winter there really is no contest. 

Now full disclosure, my favorite way to show affection is through giving gifts, so Christmas is where I tend to shine romantically. Valentines day as well, I typically go all out when buying my boyfriend presents that are suitable for him and are representative of our relationship. 

I had a conversation with my roommate, Emma Best, recently when trying to determine the most romantic season, and she said something that really resonated with me. “Fall is for dating, winter is for relationships,” said Best. We realized that while fall may have all of the cutesy romantic dates, winter is where a relationship can flourish. 

There are more holidays in winter that can be romanticized. Halloween in fall may be ideal for couples costumes, but Thanksgiving is more of a family holiday, not a romantic one. All winter holidays are easily capable of being romanticized. 

Christmas presents the opportunity to snuggle up and watch Christmas movies, kissing underneath the mistletoe, buying each other presents, and unwrapping presents in pajamas on Christmas morning. 

New Years and New Years Eve are great for celebrating a midnight kiss with your significant other. Partying with friends or just with each other creates a connection unlike any other. 

Valentines day, despite being a holiday created solely to sell Hallmark cards, is arguably the most romantic holiday of all. In a holiday centered around love, the romance practically forms itself. 

Moral of the story, my soul basically belongs to the Hallmark company as they dominate the romantic season between their repetitive Christmas movies, novelty gifts, and Valentine’s money grabs. 

No matter the season, never feel afraid to show your partner some love, romance is year round when you have the right person.

Hard Pill to Swallow: The ranch chicken flatbread is better than the chicken caesar flatbread

Back in Jan. of 2021, Eastern opened their Starbucks affiliated coffee shop, Zime. Before the renovation, Zime was called, “Jammin Java.”  With the renovation, Zime put a significant emphasis on their drinks menu because it has Starbucks main menu and some of the specialty drinks. 

However, I am not going to talk about the drinks.  My focus will be on the changes Zime made on their food menu. Jammin Java has had many different food options like chicken fingers, turkey melts, gyros and most importantly, the ranch chicken wrap.  Since Zime’s opening, these menu items have been made extinct. 

The only menu item that Zime decided to keep on their menu was their most popular item, the easyriser.  However, there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the easyriser since the switch.  

Some of Zime’s current menu items are a turkey club sandwich, easyriser, eggwhite and spinach sandwich and the chicken caesar flatbread. However, due to supply shortages, the chicken caesar flatbread is currently being served on a wrap. So, it is a chicken caesar wrap.

When I was first served the chicken caesar wrap, I was reminded of how much better the ranch chicken wrap was.  The ranch chicken wrap had so much more flavor.  It had lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing all in one. 

The chicken caesar flatbread (or wrap, depending on supply) only has caesar dressing and chicken.  This combination is so much more bland than the old ranch chicken wrap. 

Not only was there a more powerful flavor with the ranch chicken wrap, but it also had better chicken.  The chicken in the ranch chicken wrap was made with crispy chicken tenders.  Those chicken tenders were packed with so much flavor that each bite filled my stomach with joy. 

The chicken caesar flatbread, on the other hand, uses cubed grilled chicken. While don’t get me wrong, I love some good grilled chicken, but compared to the old crispy chicken, the grilled chicken is just not it.  It is very bland and packs little to no flavor punch. 

So, I think it is safe to assume that the ranch chicken wrap blows the chicken caesar flatbread out of the water.  The ranch chicken wrap packs so much more flavor in every bite.  When I eat the chicken caesar flatbread, I get bored of what I am eating. Everybite gets more and more bland and disappointing. 

I propose that Zime adds the ranch chicken wrap back to their menu.  It was one of Jammin Java’s more successful menu items, and most students miss it.  Or maybe even offer an option to at least lettuce and tomato to the caesar flatbread. 

Students at Eastern already struggle to find quality food options.  Instead of thinking of new things to introduce to the students, maybe go look back and see what was successful? Students loved the menu items like the chicken fingers, hash browns and obviously, the ranch chicken wrap. If Zime looks to add some of the old items, I think many students’ spirits would be lifted. 

But if I can leave you with one thought today and one thought only, I would tell you, the ranch chicken wrap blows the chicken caesar flatbread out of the park.

Pineapple on Pizza: A lighthearted perspective on the opinions and origins of Hawaiian pizza.

Pineapple Pizza–my ears hurt at its mention. How does that even work? Have you heard of people putting raspberry jam on asparagus? Or caramel on sausages? It is so simple. Fruit does not belong on pizza. Just like vegetables do not belong on ice cream. For example, brussels sprout ice cream would be disgusting.

Most importantly, pineapple pizza goes against the natural order of creation. Creation has set rules. There are such things as universal laws. Things that go up must come down.

In the same way, certain things just don’t mix like water and oil. A lesser known but still important rule is tomato, cheese, and pineapple don’t go together. If you were offered a bowl of smashed tomatoes, melty cheese, and pineapple, would you be ready to scarf down the bowl of tomato, cheese and pineapple goodness?

For some reason, when a person is handed the same combination on a pizza, it is okay. I am here to tell you that it does not belong on pizza!

Every time I see someone eating pineapple pizza, I just sadly shake my head and think, “Poor sad lost soul.” It would be understandable if you thought I was disrespecting Hawaiian culture by saying this, but did you know Hawaiian pizza has nothing, I repeat nothing, to do with Hawaii? It was invented by a Greek born

Canadian, by the name of Sam Panopoulos. Panopoulos invented it in his diner in Canada. I have nothing against this man. I am sure he was a great father and husband. I am sure he worked hard. 

I have no doubt he was a wonderful human being. But, why oh why, did he have to come up with such a despicable version of pizza? Here’s my point, the pizza you’re eating, besides tasting lousy, is a lie. It has nothing to do with Hawaii, except for the pineapples, and that is a stereotype.

Pineapples originally came from South America, and many pineapples are still produced there. So, this pizza should be called Canadian pizza because that’s where it was invented. I guarantee, if it was called that, sales would drop 50%. Canadian pizza just doesn’t have the same ring.

They say it is important to put yourself in other people’s shoes, to understand other perspectives. I will try to do this. Why would I, or a person in general, enjoy this pizza? As the completely objective, unbiased person I am pretending to be for the moment, I should be able to think of a reason. Maybe it is because they like tomatoes with pineapple. I somehow doubt this. And I also doubt people like pineapple and cheese together.

The funny thing is the more I think about it the more I can’t think of a reason. Why would somebody want to eat a random bunch of edible items all jumbled together on some crust flatbread? All the people I have asked always say, “I just like it.” However, I haven’t met anyone who can give a reason.

I wonder if it’s kind of like other things people enjoy that make no sense. Soap operas, guacamole, which should be called smashed avocados, WWE, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, communism, cable news, musicals except for the “Sound of Music,” sweet potatoes, a rip off on real potatoes, weightlifting, or working out in general for that matter, late night television and basically most, if not all, pop music fall into this category. Why people enjoy these and about a million other things I don’t know. I guess I will just have to add pineapple pizza to this list.

I want to close by saying if you disagree, please email me. Maybe I will be able to show you your mistake and put you back on the right path. It is never too late to make a change.


Sources: Tasting Table