Six students reflect on their positive experiences with the Templeton Honors College.
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An Addition to the Conversation on THC: A group of Templeton Honors College students respond to the ongoing discussion of elitism in THC.

By Ellen francis, Sarai Gonzalez, Lindsey Thompson, Carlie O’Keefe, Matti Veldhuis & Zack Wilson ellen.francis@eastern.edu, sarai.gonzalez@eastern.edu, lindsey.thompson@eastern.edu, carlie.okeefe@eastern.edu, matti.veldhuis@eastern.edu & zachary.wilson@eastern.edu I will never forget the day Mr. P, at the end of another long discussion, directly addressed the class as we stood to leave. We were freshmen, barely four […]

Students often forget to care for themselves and
their spaces in the face of a busy semester, so
they must find creative ways to relax.
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Relaxing in the Rush: How students can take a break despite the whirlwind semester.

Without fall free days this year, the weight of the end of the semester feels especially heavy. There are papers upon exams upon projects and presentations, plus homework, classes, and extracurriculars on top of all of that. Many of you have been hard at work for weeks on end, and […]

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Pretty Boys: Appreciating the beauty and talent of boy bands.

“Ew, you like K-pop boys?” said my date with a scoff. We were discussing music tastes and interests. He liked Juice WRLD and the Weeknd, and I stated that I enjoyed K-pop, specifically ATEEZ and Stray Kids. It was clear that this date would go nowhere, but my love for […]

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The Lies of Greenwashing

With the increasing commonality of discussions surrounding climate change, sustainable consumption has become a popular talking point in recent years. Large corporations and small businesses alike have taken to selling “green, sustainable, eco-friendly” products. Marketing such products seems like a great idea. However, environmentally friendly advertising does not necessarily correlate […]

This graph depicts the political biases of various media
organizations, ranging from left to right, factual reporting to fabricated information.
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Avoiding the Trap of Bias: How to find reliable news sources in a whirlwind news cycle.

In this current day and age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a news source that does not hold some type of bias. Most of the time it is based on a political bias, but other times it can be based on a personal bias, and articles are written […]

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An Unjust Nomination: The concerning nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Justice.

Since the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Americans have looked on as President Donald Trump has pushed for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, to be her replacement. Barrett is a strong conservative with stances that go against current Constitutional rights regarding the same-sex marriage, Roe v […]

Lush Cosmetics is a chain known for their all-natural beauty products.
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Know Your Skin: A comparison between drug-store and all-natural beauty products.

What is most important to you when picking soap? Is it the scent? Could it be the packaging (or lack thereof)? For me, it is the ingredients. Reading the back of soap bottles might be time-consuming but it keeps me sane. The ingredients in my cosmetics can keep my skin […]

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To Be or Not To Be: A reflection on the intersection of faith and politics.

Faith and politics: a controversy quite familiar to many Americans. Should the church and state be kept separate? Or should they be intertwined? Should Christians be involved in politics? Or should they stand back? As American citizens, it is our duty to be involved in politics. Yes, our duty. As […]

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The Most Troubling Costumes of Halloween: A guide to avoiding offensive outfits.

Halloween is a great time to dress up and be whoever you want to be. But there are limitations on what is appropriate and inappropriate when it comes to what you should and should not wear. Many of us have been guilty of wearing some of these problematic costumes and […]

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Hobbies vs. Hustle Culture: Should we really be “hustling” harder?

If you are online at all, chances are you’ve been exposed to “hustle culture,” which, in a nutshell, states that being productive and earning money in any way you can leads to a happier, more successful life. Do you have an extra couple of hours in your day? Drive for […]