The Waltonian Mission Statement

We seek to find and report truth as best as it can be obtained at the given time.

We commit ourselves to exercising honesty and fairness. We will attempt to give voice to the full range of sources – official, informed, concerned, or voiceless.

We accept that we are fact-finders and truth seekers in an environment where not everyone shares the same interpretation of the Bible or of the Christian’s walk.

We understand that our perceptions will be engaged in the reporting processes, but we will consciously guard against stereotyping or dismissal of a source.

We seek to be accurate. Should an error occur in our work, we will admit wrong in fact or judgment, and will strive to be in relationship with those who perceive that we have wronged them.

We accept that we are a powerful influence on campus. With humility, we endeavor to use our positions for the good of fellow students and other members of the campus community.