Around the World: Saudi Arabia women are able to watch their favorite sport

      Since as early as 2014, Saudi Arabia has experienced a rapid period of social activism. Most recently, women were given the right to go to public soccer games. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been hailed as reformer, who has made some rather radical changes to public […]

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Inside Windows on the World: Lisa Sharon Harper discusses Shalom

      On Friday April 6, Lisa Sharon Harper gave a speech at Eastern University about the hidden and realistic meaning of Shalom. Lisa Sharon Harper was a student at Eastern University and Campus Crusader. The speaker started the conversation with explaining the beginning of her career at Eastern. […]


Insight into the Spring Banquet, “Once Upon a Time”

      Spring Banquet is a long standing tradition and has been an integral part of the Eastern experience for years. With the stress and strain of the college experience, it is a good kind of relief that students need now and again.       Every school year, […]


Inside Solidarity Week: Eastern’s Refuge and Political Activism Club join to support LGBT+ staff and students.

      This week, April 9-13, Refuge, Eastern’s club for LGBT+ students and allies and Political Activism Club are hosting several events focused on LGBT+ issues at Eastern. Each event has a specific purpose, and the hope is that, through these events, the whole campus will have many opportunities […]


Around the World: Germany Educators React to the Rise of a Far-Right Political Party.

Alternative for Germany, or AfD, is a far-right political party that recently won 13 percent of the vote in national elections on September 24, 2017, and now holds 94 seats of the German parliament. The rise of this extremely conservative political party concerns some of the German population as this […]


Computer Science Major Added

On Feb. 18, Eastern announced that they will be adding a Computer Science degree to the mathematics department. Dr. Walter Huddell states in the article on Eastern’s website that, “what the telescope is to the astronomer, the computer is to the computer scientist. Like the telescope, the computer is a […]


Eastern’s Multicultural Grant

Eastern University is comprised of a variety of unique students and staff from all across North America and the corners of the world, and on Feb. 19 it was awarded $20,000 for its resounding diversity and multicultural atmosphere. This Diversity and Multicultural grant was awarded to Eastern University by the […]

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Peter and The Star Catcher: A History and a Review of Our School Play

      On March 22, 23 and 24, Eastern University’s theater department held performances of Peter and the Starcatcher. Originally a book written in 2004 by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, Peter and the Starcatcher was adapted to the stage by Rick Elice. The play made its debut on […]


Around the World: Nigeria

The 2016 Brexit referendum has created political chaos as pro-European Union and British independence movements fight over what the future of the United Kingdom will look like. There are a variety of diplomatic and economic decisions that will be made, specifically regarding immigration and the sovereignty of the UK’s territories. […]


Faces of EU Leadership: A look into the process of RA selection and the importance of student leadership.

On March 2, Interim Assistant Dean of Residence and Student Life Ben Howard and fellow Resident Directors Krista Barnett, Lexi Dunbar, Heidi Birtwistle, Bryce Johnson, Courtney Johnson, and Theresa Noye announced the students who have been selected to work as resident assistants in the coming academic year of 2018-2019. Resident […]