Midterm Election Results: A look into the results of the latest election

By: Lenora Kirkland

On Nov. 8, citizens across the United States cast their ballots in the midterm elections. The results are crucial for the next two years of Biden’s presidency, and thus to the Democratic party as a whole. For Biden, a Congressional majority is critical to passing his administration’s desired policies over the next few years of his presidential term. 

Republicans were hopeful for what has been called a “red wave,” and although the party did achieve significant gains in both chambers, they still fell slightly short of many citizens’ hopeful expectations. 

In addition, despite circulating claims, it seems unlikely that the Republican party’s success is correlated with support for Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. Few Trump-endorsed politicians won seats in either house, despite the former president’s claims that his support is widespread. 

The results show that Biden is likewise losing support from his own party, making the results of the future presidential election an even greater riddle for the American public to solve. 

Most seats in Congress are virtually guaranteed to go to the same party every election; others are more likely to be in flux, making them key political battlegrounds for politicians seeking election. Pennsylvania is one such state. The election of John Fetterman to the United States Senate flipped a key Republican seat to a Democratic stronghold. As a result, the Democratic party surpassed their opponents securing a majority in the Senate, with 50 seats to the Republican party’s 49. 

That being said, not all election results have been determined. Georgia will be holding its Senate elections on Dec. 6, leaving open the possibility of an even greater Democratic stronghold in the Senate. 

In the House of Representatives, the Republican party emerged with a majority having gained seven new seats with 217 in total. The Democratic party only managed to secure 212 seats this term, having lost nine. 

As a result, Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to hold the position of speaker of the house, has stepped down. In her place, the Republican-dominated house will likely be led by Kevin McCarthy, the California representative who has held the position of minority leader since 2019. 

The Republican control of the house is set to trigger a number of investigations against president Joe Biden and his administration. In his own words, a committee led by James Comer, a Kentucky representative, “will evaluate the status of Joe Biden’s relationship with his family’s foreign partners and whether he is a President who is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars and influence.”

Holding your state representatives accountable is crucial to the responsibilities that come with being citizens. Make sure to stay up-to-date and informed on current issues in light of these recent congressional changes. If you see injustice in how you are being represented by your elected officials, join a campaign, call the politician in question to voice your concern or sign a petition. As citizens, we are given a voice that must not be taken for granted. 

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