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Name: Lauren Bujaky

Year: Senior

Majors: English Literature/Theology

Describe yourself in three phrases: cat cuddler, butter connoisseur, avid bibliophile.

Who is your literary crush? 

Gabriel Oak from Thomas Hardy’s “Far from the Madding Crowd.”

1. His smile: “When Farmer Oak smiled, the corners of his mouth spread till they were within an unimportant distance of his ears . . . his countenance [was] like the rays in a rudimentary sketch of the rising sun.”

2. His wisdom: Oak regards the night sky as both a “useful instrument” and “a work of art superlatively beautiful.”

3. As if these two weren’t crush-worthy enough, his passion: “I shall do one thing in this life — one thing certain — that is, love you, and long for you and keep wanting you till I die.”

Managing Editor

Name: Abbie Storch

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: English Literature/Music

Describe yourself in three phrases: tea connoisseur, poetry fiend, folk music enthusiast

Which journalist would you want to play in film?

Probably Rita Skeeter from the “Harry Potter” series. I want my own Quibbler, and I want it bad. Second choice: documentarian-extraordinaire Cressida from “The Hunger Games.”

Copy Editor

Name: Kit Apostolacus

Year: Senior

Major/Minors: Biblical Studies/Sociology and Gender Studies

Describe yourself in three phrases: activist, unapologetically female, theology nerd

What is your ideal writing retreat? 

My ideal writing retreat involves food and some method of procrastination. I specialize in multitasking, especially when video games are incorporated. I also get frequent writer’s block, and focusing on it too much tends to perpetuate the problem.

News Editor

Name: Ryan Klein

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Philosophy/Theology

Describe yourself in three phrases: philosophical cat lover, weirdo, dairy appreciator

Which writer has most influenced you? 

I’m not sure who’s influenced me the most in general, but Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein has impacted me the most recently.

Features Editor

Name: Jordan Kolb

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: English Literature/Writing

Describe yourself in three phrases: aspiring teacher, closet opera enthusiast, compulsive book buyer

What is your writing drink of choice?

In the morning, Irish breakfast tea. In the afternoon, green tea. In the evening, chamomile with mint (I spend a lot of time writing and therefore need multiple favorite drinks).

A&E Editor

Name: Chen Huang

Year: Senior

Majors: English Writing/Interpersonal Communication

Describe yourself in three phrases: secretive character, mindful thinker, apology stresser

What is your favorite childhood story? 

My favorite childhood stories were heavily influenced by Asian cultures. I do not remember any story in particular, but the stories that illustrate the theme of the poor becoming rich through hard work are the most memorable in my childhood.

Opinions Editor

Name: Lauren Murphy

Year: Junior

Majors: Theology/Youth Ministry

Describe yourself in three phrases: classic TV buff, ardent creative writer, aspiring breakdancer

If you had a pen name, what would it be?

I would write under an anagram (Mary Lu Renuph?) because Lemony Snicket is already taken.

Sports Editor

Name: Josh Velez

Year: Senior

Major/Minors: English Writing/Literature & Legal Studies

Describe yourself in three phrases: sports enthusiast, car crazed, Trump advocate

What would you choose to read on a free afternoon?

ESPN news articles

Web Editor

Name: Tanaisha Coleman

Year: Senior

Majors: Media Communications and Journalism

Describe yourself in three phrases: wannabe fashionista, hopeless romantic, dream chaser

With which literary character do you most identify?

Elizabeth Bennet from “Pride and Prejudice” because of her loving and genuine nature.

Senior Photo Editor

Name: Matt Wolek

Year: Junior

Major: Economic Development

Describe yourself in three phrases: adventurer, coffee-addict, single

What are your favorite things to photograph? 

Backstage at a concert, candids, friends & family.

Assistant Photo Editor

Name: Nick Francis

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Media Communications/English Literature

Describe yourself in three phrases: truthful, wise, empathetic

What are your favorite places to write on Eastern’s campus?

My three favorite places to write on Eastern’s campus are the study rooms in the library, my dorm room, and my study group.

Faculty Advisor

Name: Katrina Hayes

Department: English

Describe yourself in three phrases: word lover, super-teacher, cat mom

If you had to be trapped in a novel, which novel would you choose? 

“Pride and Prejudice”

Image courtesy of Matt Wolek / The Waltonian

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