Saluting Our Seniors

Remembering the stellar group of Waltonian editors before they graduate

Lizzie Vollmer: Managing editor, the brains of our operation (because it certainly isn’t me) and a champion e-mailer.
1. Favorite Waltonian memory: Going up to random people in the Jammin Java and asking them to pose for the centerspread photos. It’s amazing what people are willing to do to be in the paper.
2. Advice for underclassmen: Join the Waltonian! But really…it’s a blast. And you get pretty good at fixing computers in the meantime.
3. First thing to do after getting that diploma: Eat non-Sodexo food to my heart’s content.

Heather McBride: A&E editor, expert on all things theater, and a great comedic actress.
1. Favorite Waltonian memory: Having to reenact my finals week center spread photo shoot to a group of Yes! And… children I was working with, who saw the paper and peer pressured me into doing it live.
2. Advice for underclassmen: I know that everyone says this, but it really goes so fast. Try to treasure every moment, or at least keep a journal of all the good stuff because you WILL forget.
3. First thing to do after getting that diploma: I am going to read all the books I didn’t have time for/ catch up on all the TV shows I neglected/ call all the people I lost touch with/ make all the crafts I pinned on Pinterest/ make and eat gourmet food… but in reality, I’m probably just going to sleep for a full week.

Katie Simpson: Web/Advertising editor, architect of our awesome website, voice behind our social media accounts, and person who makes us money.
1. Favorite Waltonian memory: Driving around Wayne and King of Prussia taking pictures of Efram and Lizzie for the Valentine’s Day centerspread.
2. Advice for underclassmen: Take advantage of opportunities and don’t be afraid to try something new.
3. First thing to do after getting that diploma: Laugh. Cry. Sleep.

Tim Bowdoin: Sports editor, Eastern Eagles insider, and athlete (pictured above “sporting”).
1. Favorite Waltonian memory: Writing on the scandal known as “bridge-gate” (the Chamounix Road bridge repairs).
2. Advice for underclassmen: Start thinking about what you are going to do after college now; graduation comes quicker than expected.
3. First thing to do after getting that diploma: I am taking a year off and then I am going to grad school.

Heather Ciaramitaro: Senior photo editor, Photoshop whiz, and owner of one of the top 10 most misspelled last names in America (probably).
1. Favorite Waltonian memory: I would have to say the most memorable moment would be taking the goofy staff photos for the centerspread in the first issue this year. It was my first real moment as Senior photo editor.
2. Advice for underclassmen: Expect the unexpected. You really never know where life will take you, so take advantage of the opportunities that come your way and work hard to make the best of every moment.
3. First thing to do after geting that diploma: Celebrate and do a little happy dance because I finally did it!

Alex Kraft: Editor-in-Chief, author of many bad jokes and misguided attempts at humor along with all the centerspreads.
1. Favorite Waltonian memory: It’s cheesy, but the first time I saw my name in the byline for an article. For an aspiring writer, that’s an unreal feeling. It narrowly beats out yelling in Lizzie’s face while shooting our Waltonian cinnamon challenge video (like our Facebook page to see it).
2. Advice for underclassmen: Be good at what you do. People will take notice.
3. First thing to do after getting that diploma: Watch the entire Star Wars trilogy, read all the books I never read in school, and do everything I can to ensure I don’t end up on the management track at Home Depot.

Samantha Rosenfeld: News Editor, coolest kid on the block, and the first person to laugh at all the security reports.
1. Favorite Waltonian memory: Despite all of the downfalls we may have experienced technologically this past semester, I really loved hanging out in the office with the other editors, swapping ideas, stories, and some good ‘ol Eastern “gossip.”
2. Advice for underclassmen: Explore. Spend your summers doing something more than sitting at home. Ask questions, visit places that are far away, or right under your nose. Do things that make you uncomfortable. Memorize your social security number. And most of all, relax!
3. First thing to do after getting that diploma: First thing I’m doing after I get my degree? High-tailing it out of Pennsylvania!

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