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The Walt-Onion

EASTERN SET TO LAUNCH FOOTBALL PROGRAM by Anthony Barr and Jordan Kolb       Last week, Eastern announced that on April 1 it will launch a new plan to develop a football program. Recruiting for the upcoming school year is already underway, and the program is expected to increase […]


Learning the Ropes

      “In the days before iron ships, the internal combustible engine and elaborate machinery, there were iron men in wooden ships.” So said my great-great grandfather, Boatswains Mate Philip Hoffman of the United States Navy. Philip was in the last generation of men to be in the all-wooden […]


Pulitzer Winner Dr. Walter McDougall Visits EU

      Pulitzer-Prize  winner Dr. Walter McDougall was invited by Agora Institute to speak at Eastern University on Wednesday, Feb. 15 and by the Templeton Honors College to speak at their weekly Honors Forum on Friday, Feb. 17. McDougall is currently Professor of History and Alloy-Ansin Professor of International […]

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Creative voices of EU

[nine things a blanket can be] Ruby Baker one. a blanket can be a starting line to a long race folded and laid out on the floor the first item my parents ever bought together it was a testament to seven years of love between them two. a blanket can […]


Spending and Staffing Budget Freezes

     On Monday Feb. 6, 2017 Eastern University President Dr. Robert Duffett announced that there would be both a staffing and spending freeze imposed on Eastern, effective immediately. This is due to Eastern being an approximate $1.5 million behind budget projections for the current fiscal year. Eastern’s budget for […]


The Ongoing Debate on Changes to Walton Hall

     David Knickerbocker Boyd, architect of the Walton Estate, the present site of the main St. Davids campus of Eastern University, remarked that “good architecture tells its own story.” He did not have to defend his work, for he believed that it had universal appeal. This appeal remains to […]


Historian Jeff Groff Lectures at Radnor

     On Jan. 10, Jeff Groff, the Estate Historian at Winterthur, delivered a lecture on the 19th and 20th centuries of the Main Line at the Radnor Fire House. Entitled “More English than England,” Groff argued that the Main Liners of the “Gilded Age” not only attempted to transplant […]