Author: Elizabeth Vollmer


Luke 24 Inspires First Original EU Musical

The Eastern Theater Department, in conjunction with the music and dance departments, is planning to go where it has never ventured before: writing, composing and performing an original musical that will be performed at Eastern in the spring. This idea was conceived by Jenny Tibbels, the new director of theater […]

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Feeling Trendy?

Which internet trends caught on, which died and which were straight-up dumb? *Disclaimer: The popularity factors are strictly the opinion of your editor. Please refrain from filling my inbox with hate mail over them. Trend: Ice bucket challenge Origin: ALS patients Corey Griffin and Peter Frates had the idea following […]


Dance like Nobody’s Watching

Perhaps you have caught a glimpse of students practicing pliés and break-dancing in front of the mirror in the gym, or wondered whom you saw running between classes in leotards. The Eastern University Dance department, consisting of 40 dance majors and minors, works around the clock to prepare for its […]


Watson Misses the Mark

Reflecting on UN Actress’ Feminist Speech On September 21, actress Emma Watson, famous for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, delivered a speech at the UN Headquarters in New York City to raise awareness for UN Women’s new campaign, He for She. Appointed a UN Women […]


Silver Lining of the LGBTQ Letter

A student’s response to Dr. Duffett’s controversial letter-signing Flipping through my Facebook feed back in June, I was not expecting to become instantly angry, disappointed, and saddened by one post, detailing a specific letter signed by our president, Dr. Duffett. I also did not expect to feel an odd sense […]

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Back To School: College Edition

Shopping Spree What you buy for school now and in grade school has to be different, right? [twocol_one]1. Floppy disk 2. Play-doh 3. 50,000 Lisa Frank folders & notebooks 4. 96 crayons with sharpener 5. Book sox 6. Dunkaroos 7. 1989 Batman lunchbox and poster 8. Lunchables[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]1. Flash drive […]

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It’s Picture Day!

Remember when your mom dressed you up and took a first-day of school picture? Well, we did that. Then we asked our four awesome volunteers a deeply personal question. Vaniah Belfield, Freshman What did you want to be when you grew up? “A mom. I liked playing house. And being […]

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Press Release: Meet the New Staff

Alex Kraft (Editor-in-Chief) and Elizabeth Vollmer (Managing Editor) Personal Heroes: Roberto Clemente and bell hooks Advice for first years: “Join the Waltonian if you want to be cool.” Samantha Rosenfeld (News Editor) Personal Hero: Audrey Hepburn Advice for first years: “Take time to do things that aren’t always centered around […]


Eastern Volunteers with Breeze of Hope

From July 29 to Aug. 13, 14 Eastern students and alumni worked in Bolivia with the organization Breeze of Hope, led by senior psychology major Lauren Solazzo. The organization is a Philadelphia based non-profit that addresses the issue of child sexual assault and abuses in the U.S. and Bolivia, offering […]

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Christian Views on Modesty

Christian Views on Modesty A male and female give their views on modesty in their respective genders, and how it relates to our Christian Faith The Male Perspective A Serving of Modest Tea By: Andrew Whitehead         Coming to college out of a youth group called Fusion (such scientific names for […]