Author: Elizabeth Vollmer


Review: Sophie’s Café in Wayne

Walking the Main Line in Wayne during a downpour, I knew that most vendors would not be thrilled with a soaking wet student stumbling into their spotless stores. Sophie’s Café, however, with its modern yellow and blue décor and fashionable wall mirrors, was more than happy to accept my vagrant […]


Disappearing Chinatowns

Chinatowns on the East Coast are disappearing, particularly in Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. These areas that have traditionally accommodated restaurants, apartments and small businesses of Asian working class immigrants since the early 1800’s are becoming more urbanized and mainstream, seeing an influx of wealthy, Caucasian residents. The property […]


Eastern Experiences the New Sound of Gungor

On Saturday, November 2, the band Gungor played at Eastern University. This was its sixth stop in their world tour for their fourth album, “I Am Mountain.” This album shows a different side of Gungor that was unanticipated by the crowd on Saturday. The bluegrass, beat boxing, one-man-band K.S. Rhoads […]


Not Your Average Sisters

The Medical Mission Sisters is an order of Roman Catholic religious women. It was started in 1925 by Austrian Dr. Anna Dengel in response to the plight of Muslim women in India that were being denied medical care due to their gender. Dr. Dengel created this order of religious women […]


Saying the Unsayable: A Night of Poetry

On October 7, Eastern English Professor Rebecca Lauren Gidjunis (‘01) and Natalie Diaz, professor at the Institute of American Indian Arts Low-Res MFA Program in Arizona, held a poetry reading and discussion for Eastern faculty and students entitled “The Mythology of Faith and Family.” Diaz and Gidjunis met at Old […]