Author: Elizabeth Vollmer


Still Fighting for the Vote

As the 2016 presidential elections are gearing up, you may (or may not) be considering the fact that you can exercise your right to vote. Voting rights have historically been the starting point for equal rights in the United States, especially for those in ethnic minorities. However, some members of […]


Global Updates

Re-elected Prime Minister of Israel: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected this month. The right-wing Netanyahu has traditionally opposed a two-state solution to the tensions between Palestinians and Israelis, and in the final days of this campaign, he reiterated that there would be no Palestinian state if he was […]


Human Sexuality Task Force Opening Panel

On Thursday, Jan. 15, Eastern’s Human Sexuality Task Force, appointed last semester by President Duffett to address questions of human sexuality on a Christian campus, hosted an event, “Opening Panel: Why is it important that we are having this discussion?” This panel, presented to a packed McInnis Auditorium, is the […]


Satire as Vehicle for Social Change: Should Journalists Self-Regulate?

[twocol_one]Yes Elizabeth Vollmer Given the recent murders of the cartoonists and journalists at the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo,” issues of censorship and self-regulation regarding offensive satire have come to the forefront of news organizations worldwide. I have come to the conclusion that, despite the fact that satire is a form […]


The Issue: Is young adult literature appropriate?

[twocol_one]Appropriate for YA Kit Apostolacus It could be argued that young adult literature is not appropriate for its target audience—depicting unhealthy relationships, romanticizing abuse, and a slew of other reasons—but it seems to me that these are not inherently inappropriate for the target audience. Of course, the presentation of certain […]


Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

[twocol_one]Yes Elizabeth Vollmer The United States pays its professional athletes way too much. According to the Huffington Post, within a five-year period an average professional athlete in the NBA makes $24.7 million, $17.9 million in the MLB, and $1.9 million in the NFL. To put this in perspective, the President […]


Human Sexuality Discussions Progress

In order to continue the on-campus dialogue regarding human sexuality and LGBTQIA issues within our community, Refuge, Perspectives, and MAAC, along with various students and faculty, have organized events to enhance the conversation. Earlier in the semester, Dr. Cary held an event, “Chastity Does Not Discriminate,” offering his perspective on […]


The Return of Aretha

Album review of “Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics” Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, released a tribute album on Oct. 21 of some of the greatest female vocalists of past and present: Adele, Etta James, Gladys Knight, Barbara Streisand, Alicia Keys and others. This album, the 72-year-old’s first […]


Spring ‘15 Class includes El Salvador trip

The Heritage of the Church in El Salvador (course code INST216A) is a study/travel course offered in the spring semester at Eastern University on Wednesdays from 4:30-7 p.m. The course, taught by former Eastern English professor and continuing social activist Ron Morgan, studies the role of the Christian Church in […]