Back To School: College Edition

Shopping Spree

What you buy for school now and in grade school has to be different, right?

[twocol_one]1. Floppy disk
2. Play-doh
3. 50,000 Lisa Frank folders & notebooks
4. 96 crayons with sharpener
5. Book sox
6. Dunkaroos
7. 1989 Batman lunchbox and poster
8. Lunchables[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]1. Flash drive
2. Plato (complete works)
3. 1 single-subject plain notebook (black)
4. Pack of pens, because now you write in pen
5. $500 book receipt from Amazon
6. Dunkin’ iced coffee
7. To-go back and Dark Knight poster
8. Lunchables… let’s be honest[/twocol_one_last]


School Statistics

Top 5 College Majors
1. Business: 365,000 students
2. Social Science/History: 177,000 students
3. Medical: 143,000 students
4. Education: 104,000 students
5. Psychology: 101,000 students

The average college student spends around $655 on textbooks and class materials. At larger schools, this can even be over $1,000!

There are roughly 17,487,475 undergraduate students in the U.S.
By demographic: 57.4% female and 42.6% male; 30.9% are of a minority race while 3.3% are born in or come from a foreign country.

Who keeps them coming back?
Highest freshman retention rates: Columbia University, University of Chicago and Yale University all tied at 99%.
Lowest freshman retention rate: Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina at 46%.

Sources: National Center for Education Statistics, National Association of College Stores,

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