Press Release: Meet the New Staff

Alex Kraft (Editor-in-Chief) and Elizabeth Vollmer (Managing Editor)
Personal Heroes: Roberto Clemente and bell hooks
Advice for first years: “Join the Waltonian if you want to be cool.”

Samantha Rosenfeld (News Editor)
Personal Hero: Audrey Hepburn
Advice for first years: “Take time to do things that aren’t always centered around academics. School is important, but investing in people should be a priority.”

Lauren Murphy (Features Editor)
Personal Hero: My mom. She still waits for me at home after a long day on campus with a big hug.
Advice for first years: “Take advantage of all the opportunities you will have here. Take tough classes and ask questions. Most importantly, have fun!”

Heather McBride (A&E Editor)
Personal Hero: Tina Fey. She inspires me daily and has paved the way for female comedians and writers.
Advice for first years: “Hang in there. You’ll meet some awesome people, but not in the first week like you think. Just be patient and you’ll find your people.

Lauren Bujaky (Opinions Editor)
Personal Hero: Anybody who is able to fix my computer, or give me something good to read.
Advice for first years: “Be open to change, learn to read well, and drink coffee, not because you have to but because it’s delicious.”

Tim Bowdoin (Sports Editor)
Personal Hero: My dad.
Advice for first years: “Don’t wait until the last day to study for finals.”

Kit Apostolacus (Copy Editor)
Personal Hero: Every transperson who finds themselves stuck in or still attracted to church culture.
Advice for first years: “Don’t run from discussion. You’ll benefit from it by learning that not every great mind thinks alike.”

Heather Ciaramitaro (Senior Photo Editor)
Personal Hero: My closest friends. I’ve enjoyed the good times and they’ve helped me through the bad.
Advice for first years: “Don’t get too caught up in life. Relax and don’t forget to be a kid sometimes.”

Katie Simpson (Web Editor, Advertising & Marketing Manager)
Personal Hero: My family, who have never stopped encouraging me to be the best I can be.
Advice to first years: “Make the college experience your own; the more you contribute to the community, the more the community will give back to you.”

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