Parking Zones: Efficient or a Hassle?

      As many residents of Eastern University know, the parking lots are the battlefield where a driver’s true colors are revealed. Savagery is shown when two residents fight for one spot an equal distance between them. Uproar can be heard when not a spot can be seen in […]


Scarlett Johansson and Trans Representation

      After receiving immense backlash, actress Scarlett Johansson decided to step down from her role in the upcoming film, “Rub & Tug.” The 33-year-old actress, best known for her role as Black Widow in Marvel’s Avengers film franchise, received backlash, mainly from the transgender community after she accepted […]


Feminist Apparel CEO Scandal

      If you are familiar with feminist slogans such as “Nevertheless, she persisted”, “Femme ain’t frail” or even “Pizza rolls not gender roles”, you may be familiar with the brand Feminist Apparel that was originally based in Philadelphia, PA. However, the brand is facing a public campaign for […]


Sodexo Gets An Update: Students and staff weigh in on the changes to Eastern’s dining services.

      When I came to Eastern as a freshman I needed a job. I didn’t have my car with me, so an off-campus job was out of the question. I was limited to what was offered on campus, even more so by the fact that I had no […]


Small Step Towards Freedom or a Misstep?

      Visitation hours? Door open with women in the room? That’s ridiculous!” After explaining some of the rules we have here at Eastern I was met with shocked faces from many of my friends at home who went to large state schools. When one chooses to go to […]

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Too Many Sequels and Remakes?

      Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” arrives in theatres this April, and Marvel fans and cinema fanatics alike cannot wait to see what happens in this next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film’s release did not become a worldwide sensation overnight. For ten years the Marvel Cinematic […]


Inside the Congressional Elections: Democrats attempt to seize both the House and the Senate.

     Every two years, American citizens have the opportunity to vote on politicians to represent their individual states through congressional elections. America’s Congress is made up of the Senate as well as the House of Representatives. Each of the 50 states have two senators, making the 100 members of […]

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The Advantage of Summer Classes

      The summer is a good time to catch up on things we miss during the school year. During the summer I found myself catching up on my favorite TV shows or games. I even find myself starting new hobbies and projects to keep myself productive. There are […]


What We Pray and Hope For: An article in reflection of LGBTQ+ Solidarity week

      Faculty, staff, and students have all found a community here at Eastern, but there are underlying factors which inhibit some of the population’s ability to be authentically themselves. Just the other week, Refuge, along with the Political Activism Club (PAC), held their second Solidarity week to bring […]


Advice For Potential Graduate Students

      I entered my senior year with no real idea about what I was going to do after graduation. My head was full of ideas ranging from joining the Peace Corps to falling off the grid entirely to avoid student debt. When I went home for Thanksgiving my family […]