A New Sandwich: Caden Coutz reveals “The Cade”, a new Dining Commons sandwich

By: Caden Coutz

Here at Eastern University, we have one main dining hall which we all refer to as the “DC.” Inside the DC, we have the ability to choose from 6 or 7 different kinds of food at lunch and supper time. A big option for food at the DC is the deli station where you can build your own wrap, quesadilla or sandwich. In case people have different views of what a sandwich is, let’s review what it is. 

A sandwich is a type of food consisting of one or more fillings placed between slices of bread or another type of flat food product. Sandwiches are a popular and convenient meal option and can be made with a variety of ingredients including meats, cheeses, vegetables, spreads and condiments. 

Being a person who values their food. I have created many different sandwiches at the deli and finally found the one that is above them all, and I am here today to reveal this sandwich to the rest of Eastern University and elevate your dining experience. I call this sandwich “The Cade.”

Let’s get to what consists of Caden’s sandwich. The foundation of this sandwich starts with potato bread with a spread of chipotle mayo. This is then followed with 2 slices of provolone cheese and a good helping of roast beef. After that, ask for both onions and banana peppers to go on top of the roast beef. Finish the sandwich with a light drizzle of honey mustard. Have the sandwich toasted, and then it is ready to eat. Get ready to have your dining experience in the DC raised to a new standard.

The Cade has been a sandwich in the making as it has taken about a semester and a half of eating at the DC for me to discover. Any alterations to The Cade take the beauty and purpose out of the sandwich. For the sake of the sandwich and your dining experience please if you get this sandwich keep it in the purest form as described above (with exceptions for any dietary restrictions).

Before writing this article I got some friends to enjoy and experience the sandwich for themselves, and I would like to share with Eastern some of the reviews I have been given.  According to Tabitha Bolen 26’, this sandwich has changed her “relationship with dining here on campus.

I used to dread going to the DC, but now I’m excited to head up to the deli station! This sandwich tastes just like something you could get in a diner!” Bolen first expressed interest in the sandwich shortly after she noticed I got it for lunch one day at the beginning of the semester.

After experiencing The Cade for herself, Bolen told one of her friends, Ella Curcuruto,  about the sandwich, and she also wanted to vouch for it. Curcuruto said, “Never before would I have described honey mustard and banana peppers as a transcendent combination, but here I am.

This sandwich is a creative, delicious take on a classic Rueben (my personal favorite sammie), and I am indebted to Caden forever for his brilliant invention.”If you have been reading this article and have been thinking you would like to try this sandwich for yourself, then you are in luck! You can order this sandwich at any time at the deli station, in the DC, but The Cade will be a special on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023, at both Lunch and Supper time.

Please feel free to reach out to give your opinion on the sandwich, avoiding trying to make any changes to The Cade. As I said above “Any alterations to The Cade take the beauty and purpose out of the sandwich.” Thank you for reading my article and I hope that you enjoy The Cade.

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