Love for Eastern Professors: Students reflect on the instructors that helped them during their college careers.

A Letter to Dr. Hatch: 

How this professor impacted an Eastern student.

Dear Dr. Hatch,

      To begin, I just wanted to say thank you for being my professor. Each time I take one of your classes, I look forward to learning more from you and hearing the jokes you make. Since my first semester in INST 150 and COMM 104, you have been a welcoming presence for me and have made me feel important, inside and outside of the classroom. Not only are you my professor, but you are also my advisor. With your help, I was able to know which Communication classes to take when so that they would align in my schedule and help me to graduate on time. You have always been easy to get in contact with and have quickly approved my classes. Even when my study abroad plans fell through last minute, you helped me to get classes approved before it was too late to register for the semester.

      Eastern has been a great experience for me so far, and part of that is because of you. You have helped me to embrace my leadership skills, by asking me to TA for your INST 150 class two years in a row. One of the highlights of having you as a professor is the way you incorporate problems of our world into the classroom. It makes the discussions and content meaningful to me because I am able to learn while connecting it to something I know and care about. So again, thank you for being the professor you are and for making it possible for me to learn well. I look forward to the next year of learning more from you and hearing stories about your dog.

      Love, Maggie


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