Love for Eastern Professors: Students reflect on the instructors that helped them during their college careers.

Growing with Dr. Putnam

      Many of you have maybe seen Dr. Frederic Putnam getting around campus by scooter. Dr. Putnam, or Mr. P as his students like to call him, has taught graduate, post and under-graduate courses in biblical language and interpretation since 1984. He has given a plethora of speeches and seminars also on topics such as Shakespeare, poetry, literature and philosophy. He also has published several works on Classical Hebrew. Here at Eastern, he teaches the honors courses in biblical studies, but also several other courses such as Ecclesiastes, Poetry and a course on Joseph Pieper.

      Dr. Putnam and his wife, Emilie, have three daughters. He enjoys literature, military history, baking, listening to and making music, mountain biking, as well as swimming in lakes. You can read some of his writings and learn more about him on his website!

      What makes Dr. P really special is how much he cares about his students and the unique learning environment he fosters in his class. His classes are purely discussion based with insightful input from him at various points throughout the class. I had never taken a class like his before and it was truly an enlightening and exciting experience to be in a class that I actually enjoyed. He encourages students to come to his office and talk about anything. Dr. P, for me, was one of the first professors I considered not just a professor, but also a friend.

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