Articles written by: Nathaniel Huynh


A Glance At Olympic Figure Skating

      Figure skating is a sport where ice skaters, perform freestyle aerobic movements. Movements can include but are not limited to spins, lifts, and footwork. It combines ice skating with the process of drawing “figures.” Various events and deviations have arisen from figure skating. In the Olympics, each […]


People of Eastern: Cody Fox

      Cody   Fox first heard of Eastern University from a now retired admissions counselor, Paul Charles. After hearing about the illustrious Summer Scholars Program featured at Eastern, Cody embarked on the 2000-mile journey all the way from Arizona to be a part of the program in 2015. […]


Exploring Residence Life: How the Architecture of a Hall Shapes Community

      The “best” is something that is quite difficult to gauge and is usually a resultant of a myriad of factors. Residence life is a pivotal aspect of college life and is something that will make or break one’s experience in college. Choosing carefully whether to be in […]


Small Step Towards Freedom or a Misstep?

      Visitation hours? Door open with women in the room? That’s ridiculous!” After explaining some of the rules we have here at Eastern I was met with shocked faces from many of my friends at home who went to large state schools. When one chooses to go to […]