A Spring Break to Remember: Taking on the Big Apple

      Spring break has always been a time of discovery and renewal. For some, it is a time of rest, for others a time of adventure. Spring break means something different for everyone; no one option can be considered right or wrong.

      For sophomore Cody Fox, spring break was a time of unfettered exploration. Fox is from Chandler, Arizona; consequently, he has not been to many states on the east coast. Over the break, Fox had the opportunity to visit New York for the first time.

      Before going Fox exclaimed that he wanted to “ Take a bite out of everything the Big Apple had to offer.”

      While there is a myriad of things to do and sights to see in New York, they all cannot be tackled in just three days. Despite the time constraint, Fox did a ton of things iconic to New York, such as eating pizza, visiting Times Square, and watching his first Broadway show. After inquiring about his thoughts after the trip, Fox noted that “, The atmosphere of New York felt different than that of Western cities. The streets felt different, the people felt different, it still felt like America, but a different kind of America. I definitely want to visit again someday, hopefully sooner rather than later!”

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