Inside Eastern’s Men’s Volleyball Team

      Eastern’s Men’s Volleyball team currently boasts a remarkable 4-0 win-loss record. Even more astonishing is that this record has been achieved with just a nine-man roster. Typical volleyball teams usually consist of at least twelve people. The team consists of five freshmen: Bruno Vargas, Cameron Parsons, Nicholas Hulbert, Darren Lopez, and Anthony Smith; one sophomore, Noah Westbrook; and three juniors, Kiriam Yordan, Gabe Perez, Christian Knaub.

      They are led by coach, Randy Syracuse. Syracuse grew up in Western New York and his accolades include playing in a Final Four with Rutgers University, as well as coaching professional volleyball in Sweden and France. He has worked with elite youth programs in the Philadelphia Area since 2013.

      Lopez leads the team’s attack with 67 points scored so far this season, almost a third of the team’s total points. In the most recent victory vs Lehman.

      “Darren has been under the weather this week, but it is a game day, and he battled through. He mixed his shots well. He went for big hits, but also used his speed and placement shots at the right time,” Coach Syracuse said in an interview posted on Go Eastern Eagles.

      Christian Knaub, leads the defense with 21 digs in the season thus far, about a quarter of the team’s total digs. Noah Westbrook leads with eight blocks this season out of the team’s 18.

      “We know that we will need to continue to get better in that as we see more experienced players and teams,” Coach Syracuse said in a recent interview. The Eagles recognize that to continue their winning streak, it is paramount to practice and work hard. They currently practice every day of the week except Sunday for two hours. Coupled with the daily practice, they also are required to do one hour of lifting twice a week in order to keep their body physically prepared for the vigorous work.

      “It’s pretty exhausting at times, but I have definitely grown more accustomed to the practice since the start of the semester,” Westbrook said. Playing a sport at a collegiate level is an arduous task, and volleyball is no different.

      “We’re just getting used to playing together, I played my first game at Lehman and I think the hard work me and my teammates have put into practice has really payed off. I’m really grateful for the support and motivation I have received from people around me.” “It was really a great experience winning as a team” Kiriam Yordan said.

      As the first season for the Eastern Eagles Men’s Volleyball team, it has definitely been an exceptional start. The team has put in a myriad of hard work, and the road is still long ahead. Come support your Eagles at the next home game on March 12!

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