Why Political Science?

      If you are looking for a major which will match your passion for inspiring change, a political science major is the one for you. This major offers a community of people who work together toward a better America and a better world, no matter what that looks like. As a major it offers an array of career options, the ability to study what you’re passionate about, and the opportunity of worldwide influence.

      As a student of political science, the future is ripe with career options. Career opportunities ranging from animal-rescue nonprofits to a position in the House of Representatives are all on the table. Studying political science gives insight into how the world works. Political science offers one of the vastest range of career options because it applies to and affects all fields of study.

      Political Science is one of the only majors which can guarantee a career filled with passion. Whether you are employed by the U.S. government, a non-profit, or work in public relations, political science is deeply intertwined in the issues which affect each of us day to day. Each course is designed to sharpen your oral and written skills, as well as hone your beliefs, understandings of the world, and opinions on social matters.

      Since political science is important worldwide, the career offers global opportunities. Professionals and academics around the world work together to study global political science in an effort to better understand how societies and legislature affect positive change. The political science major offers the opportunity to work from the most remote corners of the world, our nation’s capital, or even your own living room. Since it is a global effort, political science offers global opportunity.

      Studying political science also comes with certain challenges. Being a political science major means continued education, keeping up-to-date in politics, and badgering family members to register to vote (it’s a requirement of the major haha). Some believe political science isn’t important in today’s world or a worthwhile use of a bachelor’s degree, but for those of us who pursue this major, it’s all of that and more.

      A political science degree offers an abundance of career opportunities, a job working in a field you are passionate about, and a community of people who will continually challenge you to grow. Political science may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are passionate, hard-working, and are ready to cultivate change, political science may be the major for you.

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