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Zero Reports Does Not Equal Zero Rapes: Low statistics do not mean assault isn’t happening– just that it isn’t being reported.

The 2020 Annual Security Report for Eastern University boasts crime statistics for the past three years such as zero cases of rape, zero cases of dating violence, and only one non-penetrative sexual offense in the past three years. Having spent three years at Eastern University as a woman, in community with […]

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DEFENSE ATTORNEY IN THE TRIAL OF DEREK CHAUVIN IS AN EASTERN ALUMNI: Students buzz over the recent discovery that Defense Attorney Eric Nelson in the trial for the murder of George Floyd graduated from Eastern University.

Eastern University has a number of world-renowned alumni, revered for their impressive social justice work that we as students can proudly look to. However, there is another side of Eastern’s alumnus repertoire, which includes some more sinister legacies. This semester has illuminated a number of Eastern graduates whose careers have […]

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Eastern’s Immigration Seminar: Everything students need to know about the changing immigration laws.

New administration always brings policy changes and legislative re-prioritization. The Biden Administration, however, has taken this responsibility head on by signing more than fifty executive orders in the two and a half months he has been in office. Though these orders have addressed a slew of social, political, and economic […]

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Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Rise: Anti-Asian violence has risen across the nation, bringing with it discourse and protests against Anti-Asian racism.

On Friday, Feb. 19, Ying Ngov, the owner and operator of Mama Venezia’s Pizzeria in Norristown, was brutally beaten and her shop robbed. Ngov, a fifty-six year old immigrant from China, chased the group of men after they had stolen beers and ran from the store. Ngov grabbed a neighbor’s […]

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Black Representation in Film MAAC Event: Understanding how the history of Black caricatures in film affects film and society today.

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, MAAC held a dinner and discussion featuring Eugene Haynes, a professor of Race and Ethnicity in Mass Media and Film at Temple University. This event was one of a monthly dinner and discussion held by the club throughout the spring semester. The topic of discussion for […]

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COVID-19 Has Interrupted the Global Order: A comparative analysis of the various international responses to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The novel Coronavirus has affected the world in ways previously inconceivable. Countries historically equipped to manage catastrophes have struggled to contain the virus, while poorer countries have succeeded beyond expectation. The previously impenetrable global order has been, in many ways, all but reversed. With a vaccine developed and some semblance […]