Author: Kay O’Keeffe


Top 5 Nearby Bookstores

      Are you a avid book lover or just looking for a good deal? Check out these local bookstores that not only sell literature, but take advantage of atmosphere. 1. Baldwin’s Book Barn       Arguably the most interesting bookstore in the greater Philadelphia area, Baldwin’s Book […]


Embracing Your Culture: Student, Kathleen O’Keeffe shares about her Czechoslovakian heritage and traditions that her family celebrates.

      On both my mom and dad’s side of the family, Czechoslovakian culture defines much of who I am. Though my grandparents immigrated due to conflict in Czechoslovakia immediately before World War II, I claim my heritage from the nation of “Czechia,” since the two nations, Slovakia and […]

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Why Political Science?

      If you are looking for a major which will match your passion for inspiring change, a political science major is the one for you. This major offers a community of people who work together toward a better America and a better world, no matter what that looks […]