The Art of Binge Watching: The craft behind watching TV-shows for hours on end.

     Imagine back to the most relaxing, care-free memory you have. Was it on the beach, listening to the waves wash up against the shore? Or perhaps you’re imagining a rainy day cafe with a good book. No sensation can quite match the bliss of grabbing a laptop, hot cup of tea, fuzzy blanket and snuggling up to binge-watch my favorite series.

      Finding the perfect show to binge watch is where the important, yet challenging, art of binge watching truly begins. The ideal show is twenty-five to thirty minutes long, allowing the watcher to deceive themselves  into thinking there is enough time for “just one more episode”. Purposefully selecting a show where each episode is a moderate length helps to avoid boredom and allows you to fully absorb yourself into the each episode. Additionally, a good binge-watch does not include ads, because they allow you to contemplate how much time you have spent watching the show. The quintessential binge-watching session involves four to five episodes, depending on the length of each show.

      A person who has truly mastered the art of binge-watching knows that a truly enveloping show can be watched at any time. Waiting  for a doctor’s appointment, for class to start or in the bathroom while you brush your teeth are all viable binge-watching occasions. In fact, a person who has transcended into peak binge-watchery may even be caught binge-watching on their phone during class. While binge-watching is typically associated with procrastination, that is not its full purpose. The classic and most effective form of binge-watching is on a rainy day surrounded by an array of fuzzy blankets and salty-sweet snacks. This allows the viewer to bask in the glory of a peaceful day of binge-watching.

      Binge-watching is completely versatile, and allows you to find relaxation no matter the situation. Whether are stressed over school, wanting a quiet night in or spend some quality time with friends, binge-watching is perfect for each situation. Binge-watching allows you to travel to a different world, absorb yourself into a different culture and discuss concepts you wouldn’t normally address in everyday life. In fact, many binge-watchers purposefully pick a series which does not reflect their own life. This offers a better understanding of the world around them, and transports them to a world unlike their own. Each person has their own genre, preference and interests when it comes to binge-watching. Some of the most bingeable shows include The Office, House of Cards, Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, Mindhunter and many more.

      The art of binge-watching requires knowing yourself, and what relaxes you. It forces the binge-watcher to let go of reality for a moment and fully relax. It allows the person to transport to another world, and imagine a life they could one day lead. Not only is marathoning enthralling, but it provides a sense of community with your peers and people around the world. Binge-watching is an art, and everyone should try it. 

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