Articles written by: Kay O’Keeffe

Rafael Nadal with his U.S. Open Trophy

Served Too Short: A recap of the recent U.S. Open, including Serena Williams, Bianca Andreescu, and Rafael Nadar.

A few weeks ago, the 2019 U.S. Open Finals were held at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, Sept. 7 and 8. The finals featured Serena Williams versus Canada’s Bianca Andreescu for the women’s singles match and Rafael Nadal playing Russia’s Daniil Mendvedev. Both of these finals offered great record-breaking potential […]


Reflection on Staff and Faculty Cuts: With major staff and faculty cuts happening this past summer, a student looks into the long-term impact of these decisions for Eastern’s community.

This past summer break brought a slew of changes for the Eastern University community in the form of abrupt staff cuts. Faculty changes are always challenging for both the students and remaining faculty, but in such a tight-knit community as Eastern the results are amplified.  As with any major change […]


Wildfire Misfire: Misinformation via Twitter causes social hysteria about the Amazon wildfires.

A recent conversation revolving around intentional and accidental misinformation across social media and news platforms has arisen in light of the Amazonian forest fires. The conversation began with a tweet from Cristiano Ronaldo asking for prayers for the burning Amazon Rainforest, claiming it produces “more than 20% of the world’s […]


The Art of Politics: A reflection on finding unity in a divided world.

In a world obsessed with differences and division, it is tempting to believe that the art of politics has been lost or perhaps never even existed at all. It’s hard to remember a time when two politicians sat down to have a genuine conversation about peace, unity and fellowship in […]


Top 5 Nearby Bookstores

      Are you a avid book lover or just looking for a good deal? Check out these local bookstores that not only sell literature, but take advantage of atmosphere. 1. Baldwin’s Book Barn       Arguably the most interesting bookstore in the greater Philadelphia area, Baldwin’s Book […]


The Art of Binge Watching: The craft behind watching TV-shows for hours on end.

     Imagine back to the most relaxing, care-free memory you have. Was it on the beach, listening to the waves wash up against the shore? Or perhaps you’re imagining a rainy day cafe with a good book. No sensation can quite match the bliss of grabbing a laptop, hot […]


Embracing Your Culture: Student, Kathleen O’Keeffe shares about her Czechoslovakian heritage and traditions that her family celebrates.

      On both my mom and dad’s side of the family, Czechoslovakian culture defines much of who I am. Though my grandparents immigrated due to conflict in Czechoslovakia immediately before World War II, I claim my heritage from the nation of “Czechia,” since the two nations, Slovakia and […]


Enforcing Abstinence Detracts from the Christian Message

      Sex is often seen as a bad word and an even worse sin. Purity culture has taught us for decades that submitting to sins of the flesh in the form of sexuality before marriage is a sin which God warns Christians against throughout the Bible.     […]


A New Congress: A look into the diversity in politics 100 years after the 19th Amendment

      Since the 116th Congress was sworn in this Jan., there has been a lot of talk about a woman wearing big hoop earrings and red lipstick waltzing around D.C. like she owns the place. Who is this woman and what is she doing on the Congress floor? […]

Center Spread

Love for Eastern Professors: Students reflect on the instructors that helped them during their college careers.

A Letter to Dr. Gramby-Sobuwke       Dear Dr. Gramby-Sobuwke,       The most wonderful part of being your student is the way you facilitate our conversation. When you catch a person’s eye across the room, it encourages them to speak up and say what is on their […]