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Book Clubs: Reconnecting with the fundamentally familiar, yet radically different, world we live in through the escape of novels

The impact of the international Coronavirus pandemic has been multi-faceted, and different for each person. Though our responses to the virus and personal experiences are varied, each of us is faced with an alteration of what it means to be in community. To many, community includes the circle of people […]

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Recent release of the Department of Education’s regulations governing sex discrimination at federally funded institutions, Title IX, has sparked much controversy and conversation. The first federal alteration since1997, these changes have been received with mixed criticism and support. The bulk of the changes made to Title IX address issues of […]


The Christian Case for Reparations

In a world where religion plays such an integral role in American politics, it is important to analyze our own political loyalties with the lens of the true teaching of the Bible. This is especially true when addressing such controversial issues as reparations, as it is easy to put our […]


Saudi Arabia Cover-up: How one country used commercialism of sporting events to cover up human rights issues.

Real Madrid soccer fans around the world are celebrating the recent 3-1 victory over Valencia which marks Real Madrid’s entrance into the upcoming Spanish Super Cup. However, this exciting news looms over the increasingly darkening reality of sports used to cover up humanitarian crises in the Middle East and internationally. […]