Author: Maggie Lauer


People of Eastern: Mary Lauer

Mary Lauer is a Senior at Eastern who is studying Environmental Science. She grew up in Morgantown, PA and is the youngest of six kids. She was homeschooled and played the piano, along with participating in a local school band where she played the flute. She also danced, her favorite […]


An Open Letter To: A Beloved Professor

To my professor, Since the first class I had with you during my sophomore year, you have stood out to me as a professor. You are continuously pouring your heart out to your students in ways that many professors do not. You’re not only there for us on an academic […]


Pope Francis Addresses Sexual Assault

      Throughout history, there have been many incidents that involved sexual assault against children. Within the last several years, more people are starting to share their experiences and are trying to fight against these tragedies to prevent them from happening again. In the news, we are seeing sexual […]


Becoming a Waltonian Editor or Writer

      Do you enjoy reading The Waltonian? Are you a passionate writer? Do you like working with people and getting information out to the public? If so, maybe you want to consider working for The Waltonian! There are two ways you could be a part of The Waltonian. […]