Articles written by: Maggie Lauer


How Eastern’s Mission Manifests Itself

      As all student know, Eastern University’s mission statement is Faith, Reason and Justice. The university, through the freshman course INST 150. teaches all students what this motto means and how we can live it out. INST 150, Introduction to Faith, Reason and Justice helps students to capture […]


Jared Polis: First gay man to run for elections and be voted in as governor in Colorado

      After viewing the results of the recent midterm election, I cannot help but notice the changes that are present in America’s politics. In this election, we have the first openly gay man, Jared Polis, to be elected as governor. Equality for all people, especially the LGBT+ community, […]


Christian Perspective on the Pittsburgh Shooting

      There was a shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday, October 27 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The shooter, Robert Brown, had previously used the now-removed app, Gab, which was often employed by those who expressed far-right (Republican/conservative) ideologies. Brown used the app to express his disdain […]


S.A.G.E views the Documentary Miss Representation: tudents Adovating for Gender Eqaulity looks at how the media portrays women in the media through this documentary

      The documentary Miss Represntation, was produced by “Girls Club Entertainment” and discusses how women are portrayed in the media. An overarching theme is that the way women are portrayed affects how women and girls see themselves in society. It affects not only how they see their appearance, […]


Meet Gritty: This orange guy is the new mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers

      On Monday, September 24, the Philadelphia Flyers’ new mascot, “Gritty,” was announced. There have been differing opinions on him, some fans loving him and some hating him. A few fans said, “It looks like a cross of Snuffaluffagus and Oscar the Grouch,” and “I find him scary. […]


Youth Justice Awareness Month Creative Arts Cafe: A look into performances and art based on justice

      On Thursday, October 18, Eastern held their third annual YJAM Creative Arts Cafe. YJAM stands for “Youth Justice Awareness Month” and the event was filled with learning about youth justice and included justice-related performances. There were several spoken words, poems, a painting, a dance and a human […]


The Social Media Purge: Enlightened, Arrogant, or Something Else?

      I’m the type of person that uses social media daily, probably more often than I would like to admit. It is something that draws me in; the friends, the makeup artists, the pictures, and of course, the memes. It helps me to escape my life and view […]


David Garlock: A little background on who David Garlock is and what his life has been like as a returning citizen

       David Garlock is an alum from Eastern University who graduated in May, 2016. After only nine months of being out of prison, Garlock started attending Eastern in January, 2014. Before attending, he had applied to two different colleges. He told people at a prayer group that he […]


Bryan Stevenson At Villanova

      Bryan Stevenson, an Eastern alum and author of Just Mercy, spoke at Villanova University on September 14th and discussed the ways people can help improve the justice system in America. Stevenson shared that one way people can help the system was through proximity. He believed that people […]


People of Eastern: Bill from the Dining Commons

      Bill went to Bloomsburg University where he met his wife in 1970 and he stated that it has been “true love ever since.” They went on their honeymoon to Fort Lauderdale and have now been married for 43 years. When they first got married, his wife was […]