Author: Maggie Lauer


People of Eastern: Dakota Boring

      Meet Dakota Boring, who is a senior Communication major. Originally when coming to Eastern, he chose the school for the community and liked that it was a smaller school. He was originally a Nursing major but decided during sophomore year that he would rather pursue Communications. After meeting […]


How Eastern’s Mission Manifests Itself

      As all student know, Eastern University’s mission statement is Faith, Reason and Justice. The university, through the freshman course INST 150. teaches all students what this motto means and how we can live it out. INST 150, Introduction to Faith, Reason and Justice helps students to capture […]


Christian Perspective on the Pittsburgh Shooting

      There was a shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday, October 27 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The shooter, Robert Brown, had previously used the now-removed app, Gab, which was often employed by those who expressed far-right (Republican/conservative) ideologies. Brown used the app to express his disdain […]


S.A.G.E views the Documentary Miss Representation: tudents Adovating for Gender Eqaulity looks at how the media portrays women in the media through this documentary

      The documentary Miss Represntation, was produced by “Girls Club Entertainment” and discusses how women are portrayed in the media. An overarching theme is that the way women are portrayed affects how women and girls see themselves in society. It affects not only how they see their appearance, […]