Eastern and the Earth: Student reflects how Eastern can better their consumption of plastic.

      Eastern has made several adjustments to help preserve the earth over the years. The most impactful thing they have done has been their implementation of wind energy. Our campus is solely run on wind energy, which helps to protect the earth from harmful pollution. However, there are some things that Eastern is not doing so well on, specifically recycling.

      There are many students, staff and faculty members who are concerned with Eastern’s lack of recycling. Throughout campus, you will only notice recycling bins in a few areas. Yes, they are in Jammin’ Java and Breezeway, where much of our waste comes from. However, Eagle is the only dorm to have any form of recycling, and many students wonder if these bins actually get recycled. There have been instances where all the recycling in a bin, is placed into the same bag as the garbage. It defeats the purpose of actually having recycling bins on campus. To prevent these issues, Eastern could implement more recycling bins throughout campus. Wherever there is a trash can, there should be a recycling bin, too. Also, when it comes to the dumpsters, there should be recycling dumpsters as well.

      Another concern is Sodexo’s use of plastic. Students and faculty definitely like the convenience of Jammin’ Java and the new To-Go system in the dining commons. However, due to the lack of recycling bins, most of the plastic that is used for food and drinks end up in the garbage. One idea would be to promote more often and more efficiently, the discount people get when bringing their own reusable cups to Jammin’ Java. As for the To-Go containers, I have seen other colleges where they use reusable containers that students must clean and return before receiving another To-Go meal. These ways would cut down on the plastic that is being thrown out daily on our campus.

      Lastly, recycling comes down to the students, staff and faculty. If there are more recycling bins around campus, it is our duty to use them correctly. In the few recycling containers we have, there is often trash mixed in with the recycling, which defeats the purpose altogether. People need to be cautious about where they are throwing away their waste and where it belongs. We must pay attention to the material of our trash and decide which bin it belongs in. It is a simple task, that many people avoid and care little about. However, we were created to preserve God’s earth, and this is one simple way that makes a huge difference.

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