Spooky Season is Upon Us: Check out these events nearby to join in on the fall festivities.

Mischief at the Mutter

by Kay O’Keeffe

The Mutter Museum will be holding its fifth annual Mischief at the Mutter night on October 31, from 6:30 p.m.  to 11:00 p.m. just in time to enjoy some creepy medical anomalies while the air is still static with Halloween energy. The event will include pop-up performances, collaborations with local artists, spooky snacks and a costume contest with prizes. Tickets to this event comes with late-night access to the museum and surprise performances throughout the night, promising a truly eerie experience for your enjoyment.

For people native to Philadelphia, the Mutter Museum brings fond and sickening memories of walking through tight halls of medical oddities, anatomical specimens, and chock full history of the most disturbing medical practices known to humankind. The Halloween season brings no relief from these gruesome yet fascinating exhibits. In fact, the infamous museum goes out of its way to make its viewers cringe during this spooky fall season.

If you’re wondering what to do Halloween evening in the spirit of spookiness, a trip into Center City for Mischief at the Mutter might be just the activity for exploratory and seasoned veterans of Philadelphia’s most sinister museum, alike. The Mutter Museum is also open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are several permanent displays of atrocities hosted throughout the building, as well as special exhibits each season for your viewing pleasure. The Mutter Museum offers a student and military discounts to those with ID, as well as a low-traffic rate for Mondays and Tuesdays.

Source: Muttermuseum.org


Lancaster County Farmers Market

by Cait Wooten

Fall is the time for fresh air, warm, drinks and cozy outings. This is why the Famer’s Market on Lancaster Avenue, a mere five minutes from school, is a perfect fall activity. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, in fact for the first semester I spent here at Eastern I didn’t even know it existed and I passed it weekly, but when you finally make it inside the place greets you with warmth, smiles and the welcoming smell of homemade Amish pretzels. The market itself offers a variety of produce and products. When you walk in, directly in front of you is a large fruit and vegetable section which is homegrown on various vendor’s farms. Throughout the rest of the space, there are vendor stalls for flowers, meats and cheeses.

Many of these stalls feature samples so before you make your choice, you can accurately decide which homemade product you would like to purchase. Some of the more ‘fun’ (not fruits and veggies or particularly healthy produce) items for purchase are various dips for your chips and an array of delectable pastries ranging from amazingly unique cupcakes to actual cakes, including adorable personal size cakes. No, not a cupcake, an actual personal sized cake.

Additionally, there are various stalls that sell ready to eat meals. I stopped for a sandwich, which included apples, goat cheese, walnuts, honey and turkey. If one is looking for a fuller meal, the market features a restaurant in the back corner that serves breakfast and lunch. Their breakfast menu features typical breakfast items and also a variety of crepes! One can even find sushi at one stall in the market. There truly is something for everyone.

Those who are not hungry can still enjoy the market as there are a few stalls that sell non-food products. From reusable market bags to pajamas, the products range in necessity and uniqueness. Lastly, on your way out, you can grab a handmade Amish pretzel and apple cider as a snack for the road. Lancaster County Farmers Market is a must for your fall activity list.


The Bates Motel

by Nicole Markert

In Glen Mills PA, there is a horror attraction that embodies the halloween spirit and mayhem we all crave during this time of year. The Bates Motel, which shows the darker side of Hollywood. This attraction is filled with special effects, soundtracks and special lighting. It is an experience that is up close and personal with actors who put their all into giving its visitors a scare. Dubbed as one of the best haunted houses in America by Fangoria and CNN Travel, it focuses on giving their customers a realistic and haunting experience. As you continue through the attraction that makes you feel like you stepped into another universe, you will see supernatural spirits, creaking floorboards and moving pictures. This is so terrifying that they do not recommend that children under 8 attend, as well as people with heart conditions.

The Bates Motel is not the only spooky event you can attend, but they also have a haunted hayride which includes over 75 actors and up to 25 scenes. It has been mentioned in various publications including USA Today and Hauntworld Magazine, listing it as number one. It is definitely worth the money, as the ride is 25 minutes, features a plethora of actors covered up in professional makeup with the assistance of props and digital FX. This year they are featuring the Headless Horseman, which they claim is a customer favorite. In addition to the Hayride, they also include a Corn maze, Zombie Laser Tag and Double Edge Ax Throwing (along with a professional coach to help you master the craft).

The pricing for the Bates Motel is $15, The Haunted Hayride is $20, The Corn maze is $15 and the combo special is $40. They also offer VIP passes starting at $75. Right now they are offering a 5 dollar off coupon on their website, and if you bring a student ID, they will give you a $10 student discount off of the combo special. It is a great deal, and an amazing way to get into the Halloween spirit!

Source: Thebatesmotel.com

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