Articles written by: Sebastian Carpenter


The Facts Behind High Tuition Rates

Recently, administration at Eastern University have decided to raise tuition for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. While many students ponder the raise in tuition, this sort of thinking is not unique to Eastern. A recent study compiled by NPR shows that many colleges have raised their tuition due to a […]


Beehives on Campus? You Better Bee-lieve it!

Eastern’s campus has many intriguing secrets, such as the Hainer lofts and the greenhouse behind Doane. Beehives are yet another to add to the list. Nestled off the scenic pond by Doane, the beehives serve as a focus of the Earth Keepers club and an enhancement to nature around campus. Checking […]


Faith on the Field: Softball Captain Emily Houck

As America’s pastime, whether we like baseball or not, we’ve grown up with our parents and grandparents telling us stories about old players and games. Many of us can vividly remember having a catch with our dad or brothers and sisters, trying squeeze a glove as best we could. Some […]


Up for Debate: MLB Institutes New Challenge Rule

After years of outraged fans, press releases apologizing for bad calls and much debate, Major League Baseball has decided to implement  an in depth replay system for the 2014 season. Previously, home runs were the only thing that MLB has left open to review. Now, pretty much everything except balls […]


The Bottom Line

Spring has sprung for Eastern’s spring sports teams, though the weather has not indicated such as of late. Despite adverse conditions, many teams have gotten off to good starts. Women’s Lacrosse already has surpased their win total from last year while the Men earned a tough win over 12th ranked […]

Center Spread

Senioritis Study Proves Disease Unavoidable for College Students

What if I told you that there was a pandemic raging across our entire country at this very minute. Would you believe me? Common cold and Flu season may be behind us, but currently, the medical world is confronting a new onslaught of cases involving a precarious breed of illness. […]

Center Spread

Restaurant Review: Bacco Italian Restaurant

Advertising itself as “The Passion of Italy,” Bacco Italian Restaurant does nothing short of bringing Italian culture, customs and especially cuisine to the Philadelphia area. Located in North Wales, Pennsylvania, Bacco is only about a 25 minute drive from Eastern. Whether you’re after a romantic dinner for two or a […]


The Bottom Line

Since Winter Break, it’s been a tale of two teams for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The women’s team has posted an impressive 5-2 record since the start of the semester. The team has been led by the stellar play of Meghan Nowak, who is fourth in the conference […]


Looking for some alternative rock? See “Young the Giant” in Upper Darby!

The unique fusion of soothing melodic guitars and driving rock rhythms that is Young the Giant brings their style to the city of brotherly love. The band will be headlining a show at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA on Wednesday February 26. Over the past few years, the […]


The Debate: Should the NFL Reconstruct and Lengthen Postseason Play?

As the NFL has continued to evolve over the past few years, expanding the post season and including more teams has been a hot topic of discussion. When thinking about this question, there are a few things to consider on why the NFL should drop this notion. A prevalent issue […]