Restaurant Review: Bacco Italian Restaurant

Advertising itself as “The Passion of Italy,” Bacco Italian Restaurant does nothing short of bringing Italian culture, customs and especially cuisine to the Philadelphia area. Located in North Wales, Pennsylvania, Bacco is only about a 25 minute drive from Eastern. Whether you’re after a romantic dinner for two or a family Sunday dinner, Bacco has you covered there and everywhere in between.

Aesthetically, Bacco is on point with its re-creation of Italy. The walkways leading up to the front door are lined with grapevines that are used to make wine. At the door, a Mosaic reading “Benvenuto” (which literally means “welcome” in Italian) greets customers through the restaurant’s doors. Inside the establishment, the scene continues to come to life. Bacco’s décor is highly reminiscent of an Italian villa. The center of the restaurant resembles a courtyard fit with plants and a higher ceiling offering more light to give the feel of an outdoor dining experience. In addition to this, one side of the restaurant gives patrons a full view of Bacco’s outdoor patio through a wall of glass doors and windows. During the summer, there is an outdoor dining area on the patio as well as a clay bocce ball court which makes for a great activity amongst friends and family. Throughout the restaurant, the warm aroma of the brick, coal-fired oven excites the senses to taste Bacco’s delectable dishes.

Having dined at Bacco on a few occasions, I have experienced many different aspects of their menu from appetizers to dinner and dessert. For starters, Bacco has a unique selection of antipasto that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Their Long Hots, which are long, hot peppers stuffed with cheese, sausage and other spices, are a perfect example. Besides antipasto, Bacco features specials from its brick oven including their wings which are served right on the cast iron plate they were cooked on in the oven. Like the Log Hots, Bacco also has unique Italian dishes for entrees, including the Yo Vinnie (a pork sandwich served with hunks of sharp provolone and broccoli rabe) and the Gnocchi alla Sorrento, which features ricotta gnocchi instead of solely the traditional potato form. For the picky eater, Bacco can serve up basically any sort of pasta dish you ask for, even if it’s as simple as penne with sauce on the side.  For dessert, Bacco has a host of house made desserts including a delicious Tiramisu.

In addition to its great menu and atmosphere, Bacco’s staff is excellent. Friendly and personable, Bacco’s wait staff will make you feel like you’re a guest in their home—and quite literally, you are, considering the restaurant is family owned and operated.  Next time you’re in the mood for Italian food, don’t settle for your favorite chain by the mall. Take a ride up to Bacco and experience what Italy is really all about.

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