Articles written by: Madison Messics


On the Road to MAC Freedom Championship: There are small steps towards victory for our men’s lacrosse team.

      The Men’s Lacrosse team has just finished the last round of non-league games and will head into the Freedom Conference games beginning this week. Teams in the line up are Manhattanville College, Misericordia University, Wilkes University, King’s College, Delaware Valley University, among others. Their past couple of […]


NFL vs. Nature: Inside how the 2019 NFL Draft is hurting the environment.

      Recently, the city of Nashville, Tennessee, announced its plan to cut down 21 of 68 historic cherry trees that would be in the way of the NFL’s draft stage leading up to April’s NFL Draft event. The irony behind this announcement is the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival […]


How To Be a Friend To Those With Mental Illnesses.

      We hear of it all across the news. It can be commonly found in a room filled with people. Most times it is ignored. It’s the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed. Mental health. In advance, this article may trigger to those who suffer […]


Around the World: United States: The first woman to win the Abel Prize for outstanding work in mathematics.

      Retired mathematics professor at University of Texas at Austin, Karen Uhlenbeck, has recently won the 2019 Abel Prize Laureate. Through the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, the Academy of Science and Letters in Oslo, Norway, announced the winner and the monetary prize of $700,000. King Harald […]


Philly Fans Send Death Threats to Blue Jays Pitcher: The Blue Jays pitch hit the new prize of the Phillies, Bryce Harper.

      Are Philly fans really known for their aggressiveness?       On March 15, the Philadelphia Phillies played against the Toronto Blue Jays in Clearwater, Florida. Phillies fans are making sure their prized possession comes to no harm and are ready to defend him if he does. […]


On the Road to MAC Freedom Championship: Inside an interview two key starters on the Men’s Lacrosse team, Brett McDonald and Antonio Yeoman, as they prepare for a successful season.

      Two players on the Eastern Men’s Lacrosse team know exactly what it is like to feel the pressure that comes with starting on the field. Brett McDonald, number 12, is a senior business marketing major and the starting goalie this season. Antonio Yeoman, number 6, is a […]


Top 5 Philly Arts and Entertainment Events

      Witness some of Philadelphia’s true creativity from local artists, poets and performers. Experience the artistic diversity of Philadelphia from the past to present with different types of media. These events are perfect for the college student seeking a new original experience. 1.  Whitman 200: Art and Discovery […]


Inside of Eastern’s Inauguration Week: President Matthews along with the Eastern community will be celebrating his official introduction.

      The week of March 18-24 may seem like any other academic week for Eastern students, but it is also the time in which we as a campus officially welcome our new university President, Dr. Ronald Matthews, with an inauguration celebration.           Dr. Matthews […]


On the Road to MAC Freedom Championship: Inside an Interview with Cole Millard and Hassan Mackey, Eastern Lacrosse players.

      After the past seven successful seasons, the Men’s Lacrosse team is ready for their eighth season. In preparing for their first season game at York, Cole Millard and Hassan Mackey were able to offer a few words.       Millard, a junior who has been playing […]


Is Technology, Creating or Breaking Silence?

      Sitting in the Jammin Java, it is easy to notice how much technology has taken over our lives. Students can be seen sitting at tables typing their assignments on laptops, scrolling through social media feeds on their phones, and ordering a sandwich from the newer kiosk in […]