Articles written by: Madison Messics


Is Technology, Creating or Breaking Silence?

      Sitting in the Jammin Java, it is easy to notice how much technology has taken over our lives. Students can be seen sitting at tables typing their assignments on laptops, scrolling through social media feeds on their phones, and ordering a sandwich from the newer kiosk in […]


Around the World: Brazil; Inside the collapse of Brazilian mine leaves 300 Victims Missing.

      The morning of Jan. 25, families had seconds to run from their homes with their loved ones in the town of Brumadinho, Brazil. Vale, a well-known mining company, had an iron ore mining complex right outside of the town of Brumadinho which ruptured, releasing sludge and mining […]


Eagles Soar Just Short of Victory: Coming off to slow start, Eagles pulled through to playoffs.

      Fly, Eagles, Fly! On the road to an almost victory, that is. As many Eagles fans know, the team had a disappointing season towards the beginning. After winning the LII Super Bowl, it seemed as if the Eagles under performed for the start of the season. They […]


Top 5 Emerging TV Shows

1.  Russian Doll At her 36th birthday party, Nadia dies and comes back to life. As a result, she relives this day over and over again in this dark comedy. Natasha Lyonne, who one may recognize from “Orange is the New Black” plays the comedic yet surreal character of Nadia. […]


Around the World: Philippines: Inside the aftermath of a church bombing.

      On the southern Philippine island of Jolo, twenty people were killed in a twin bomb blast the morning of January 27th. During a Roman Catholic mass in the Cathedral of Our Lady Mount Carmel, the first explosion went off sending sharp wood debrew throughout the cathedral and […]


Destress with the Holiday Season: Give yourself a break from finals to visit some local seasonal activities.

       As the semester is slowly being chaotic and there are those who need to take a break from the stress of finals, we have a list of local Christmas and holiday activities. We hope these activities and events give you a break from studying and put you […]


People of Eastern: Soad “Ali” Poagoda

      Soad Poagoda, if you ask around for her on campus, calls herself Ali. Her parents and brothers are immigrants from Honduras. Ali grew up in a very Latino household and takes her culture seriously, even when she is living as a student at Eastern.       […]

Center Spread

The Origins of Halloween

      Some do not recognize Halloween has a history dating back about 2000 years ago. The holiday was first associated with the Celtic festival of Samhain; a festival of light verses dark, how summer has ended and winter has begun. It also marked the end of the year, […]


A Blast to the Past: Athletics Department succeeds with their first ever theme night.

      Here at Eastern University, Dan Mouw is the Director of Athletic Communications. His title consists of many different jobs relating to Eastern’s athletic department to help create the best possible environment for athletes to thrive in and Eastern’s body to become part of the experience. On any […]


Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls: eparated from your friends, surrounded by monsters– this is the experience of one of the largest haunted houses of the tristate area.

      For many years, Eastern students have been visiting Eastern State Penitentiary to get themselves into the spirit of Halloween. The large inclination audiences have is that Eastern State Penitentiary is known for its paranormal activity. The Penitentiary, a National Historic Landmark, was first established in 1829 and […]