On the Road to MAC Freedom Championship: Inside an interview two key starters on the Men’s Lacrosse team, Brett McDonald and Antonio Yeoman, as they prepare for a successful season.

      Two players on the Eastern Men’s Lacrosse team know exactly what it is like to feel the pressure that comes with starting on the field. Brett McDonald, number 12, is a senior business marketing major and the starting goalie this season. Antonio Yeoman, number 6, is a freshman exercise science major and plays midfield.

      One of the most important aspects a successful team should have is a solid bond. I asked the two players if there were any obstacles they had to overcome this season, Yeoman was the first to respond by saying the team began this new year with fifteen freshmen, “we needed more bonding. We needed to be around each other more and mature together.” Agreeing with Yeoman, McDonald added, “Spring break allowed us to get closer and kick start our season, and we only hope to build upon it.”

       Once there is a bond in place, the players can start honing more on their own skills. McDonald was excited to start this season as goalie. “I worked hard this off-season and I believe it came full circle for myself,” McDonald stated. He wants to see the teams defense in the top ten this season and man down become top ten also.

      As a freshman starter, Yeoman wants to see their offense click on the field in order to get more goals. He realizes there will always be pressure against him as a starter, “I feel like I constantly have to be better, but I enjoy the experience.” His first college goal was a highlight to his season and got him pumped up for the rest of the season.

      As a goalie, McDonald is able to get himself pumped up on the bus by encouraging other players to get into their best mindset to play. “We need to believe in ourselves and the team,” McDonald explains on getting into the focused mindset. Yeoman added on, “we feed into each other.”

      As they continue further into the season, make sure to support the team. Attend their upcoming games and keep an eye out for numbers 12 and 6!

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