Articles written by: Madison Messics


A Blast to the Past: Athletics Department succeeds with their first ever theme night.

      Here at Eastern University, Dan Mouw is the Director of Athletic Communications. His title consists of many different jobs relating to Eastern’s athletic department to help create the best possible environment for athletes to thrive in and Eastern’s body to become part of the experience. On any […]


Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls: eparated from your friends, surrounded by monsters– this is the experience of one of the largest haunted houses of the tristate area.

      For many years, Eastern students have been visiting Eastern State Penitentiary to get themselves into the spirit of Halloween. The large inclination audiences have is that Eastern State Penitentiary is known for its paranormal activity. The Penitentiary, a National Historic Landmark, was first established in 1829 and […]


Fighting Lacrosse Culture, One Fundraiser at a Time: The Men’s Lacrosse team’s experience at the BMW Championship.

      Recently, the Men’s Lacrosse team took time out of their week to volunteer at the BMW Championship at the Aronimink Golf Club that took place September 6th to the 10th. We wanted to hear about their opportunity and experience from the coach himself, Coach Kevin Wallace, the […]


Parking Zones: Efficient or a Hassle?

      As many residents of Eastern University know, the parking lots are the battlefield where a driver’s true colors are revealed. Savagery is shown when two residents fight for one spot an equal distance between them. Uproar can be heard when not a spot can be seen in […]


The class of 2022 has big dreams: Three freshman students are interviewed and share their hopes for the future.

      As freshmen are forming more solid foundations on Eastern’s campus, we wanted to share their desired goals for the future. It is common to find freshmen who already had a goal in mind when they officially decided where they wanted to study in the future. However, being […]