Top 5 Philly Arts and Entertainment Events

      Witness some of Philadelphia’s true creativity from local artists, poets and performers. Experience the artistic diversity of Philadelphia from the past to present with different types of media. These events are perfect for the college student seeking a new original experience.

1.  Whitman 200: Art and Discovery

      This year, Walt Whitman, the famous poet, would have turned 200. In order to celebrate his bicentennial, there will be performances, exhibitions and programs held by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. This free event will be held on Wednesday, April 3, at 12 p.m., at the Historic Landmark Building, Hamilton Auditorium.

2. Poetry Festival and Book Fair

      Continuing to celebrate Walt Whitman, on Sunday, April 28, head to the Rotunda to witness readings and performances with free entry throughout the day. Starting at 12pm you can meet famous poets, buy their works and see local presses. If you want to make a day out of it, there are wonderful eateries close by.

3. Argentine Tango Class

      Ever wanted to try a tango class? Well, now is the time. At the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, they are offering a free beginner session at 7pm on Friday, April 5. No need for registration, just show up ready to dance!

4. Azuka Theatre

     From Wednesday, May 1, to Sunday, May 19, witness the hilarious drama of Boycott Esther at the Azuka Theatre. This play is written in response to the #metoo movement showing how fast information can be spread or quickly hidden in a workplace. Plus, each showing is pay what you wish!

5.  Art of Pictorial

      At the Free Library of Philadelphia you can learn so much about pictorial maps and how their humorous jokes and historical narratives shaped the city. For free on Thursday, March 28,  at 6p.m., you’ll be able to look at the maps firsthand and discover the creativity of the 20th century.


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