Author: Gaelan Campbell


The Importance of Speaking at the Solidarity Stand: Queer ally reflects on speaking up for his friends in the LGBT+ community during Refuge’s last event of Solidarity Week.

      Last month, students came together to celebrate our queer christian community here at Eastern University. Each day of Solidarity Week, Refuge, Eastern’s student-run club advocating for LGBT+ issues, ran events to celebrate the community, but also to bring light to issues and injustices they and many others face. […]


Existentialism and D&D

       In the 1980’s the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons was at the then height of its popularity, and since then has maintained a significant place pop culture. The game itself is notable in its own right, but what brought national attention to the game was a controversy […]


Automation: As machines and systems do more and more of the work, how will we adapt to that reality?

      On a global scale jobs are becoming increasingly outsourced to developing countries for their cheap labor, and while there is absolutely a conversation to be had on the humanitarian issue of exploitation, I’d like to focus on jobs themselves. More specifically, how technological leaps and automation have […]


The Shutdown: Dignity in a Time of Rage

      During former President Barack Obama’s second term, he had stressed what was always a major part of his vision, diplomacy and global corporation. A large number of right-wing pundits dedicated the better part of almost the entire news cycle attacking his character (sound familiar?) because, in their […]


Avoiding The Danger of Vice: At What Point Does Self-Care Become Self-Indulgence?

      A growing phrase you’ll hear anywhere in the professional world is “self-care.” It’s particularly popular on college campuses, and for good reason! In a high speed capitalist work environment, we’ve normalized, even glamorized, exhaustion. Being a workaholic is considered a virtue in a world characterized by competition and […]