Articles written by: Gaelan Campbell


The Role of Technology in the Classroom

      “Alright, put your phones away. Time for class.” The phrase echoes in the mind of anyone who has step foot in an American classroom in their lifetime. Understandably, educators at every level from primary and secondary education to college professors shouldn’t have to compete with the distractions […]


People of Eastern: Dr. Eloise Meneses

      Dr.Eloise Meneses is a professor of Anthropology here at Eastern University. She has come a long way (literally) to be part of this community. Dr. Meneses was actually born to missionaries who were working in India, and spent much of her childhood there homeschooled by her parents. […]


Eastern Ranked in Best Colleges for Students with ASD

      Attending university can be one of the most    daunting experiences for young people living in the United States. From either the societal pressure to make something of yourself or the great financial burden of education, a young adult venturing out on their own might find themselves […]


Sodexo Gets An Update: Students and staff weigh in on the changes to Eastern’s dining services.

      When I came to Eastern as a freshman I needed a job. I didn’t have my car with me, so an off-campus job was out of the question. I was limited to what was offered on campus, even more so by the fact that I had no […]

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Indiscretions in The Highest Office: How Trump Sadly Follows a Typical Trend

       You would think that with rising geopolitical tension and a supposed “trade war”on the horizon, the media attention would be covering those stories, but instead when we tune in, a large portion of our time is taken up with stories about a woman named Stormy Daniels. For […]

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University Library Frustration

      Studying in the upper floors of Warner library the other day, I found myself being kicked out by a student worker at what I thought to be an outrageously early time. “Four in the afternoon!? On a Friday!?” I thought to myself. This is a university! How […]


A Reflection on Ending the Semester

      As we come to the end of another semester, another end to another academic year, we find ourselves reflecting on the time we spent in and out of the classroom over the past few months. For some, this is the last time they will spend a semester […]


Around the World: Saudi Arabia women are able to watch their favorite sport

      Since as early as 2014, Saudi Arabia has experienced a rapid period of social activism. Most recently, women were given the right to go to public soccer games. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been hailed as reformer, who has made some rather radical changes to public […]


Term Limits Abolished in China

Having arrived at the end of his first of two five-year terms as Chinese president, Xi Jinping and the chinese government have moved to alter the constitution to allow him to stay in power. The change will not only abolish term limits for the office but it will also add […]


The Problem With Amazon

Over the past year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been planning to build a second headquarters in a domestic city in the U.S. This building will be dubbed HQ2 and comes at an interesting time. Large corporations are trying to take advantage of the lower taxes and regulations under the […]